100% Honest Zero Loss Formula Review

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The Zero Loss Formula system is a new and very viral auto trading software for binary options. It was first launched this year August 14. The brains behind this are the same that also introduced the Quantum Code software. According to the claims made by the alleged owner, Peter Morgan, this is the only trading software where traders can enjoy profits consistently without worrying about losses. This Zero Loss Formula Review seeks to delve deeper and uncover the truth.

Detailed Zero Loss Formula Review Reveals The Truth

Peter Morgan and his alleged team promise you great profits ranging from $200-$800 per day. Morgan goes ahead to tell viewers that he and his team have managed to make $96 million since 2012. He mentions that initially they had 50 beta testers and the accuracy ratio of the software was 90%. Each of the testers was making a daily sum of $3000.

So Morgan and his team went back to the drawing board and saw that they could achieve so much more since that was just a trial period. Now that they have ensured that everything is alright they are looking for 50 more beta testers after that they will be growing into an exclusive hedge fund whereby it will cost you $10 million to join. This is simply being pushy and simply continues to prove that the ZeroLoss Formula system scam owners want to make a quick buck quite fast.

In his explanation, he says that the best amount to start with is $250 because it is the basic amount every trading software demands and everyone can afford that.

Who is the CEO Peter Morgan

The CEO of the Zero Loss Formula is Peter Morgan. Unfortunately Peter Morgan only exists online and is therefore not a real person. A trader in Wall Street will definitely have a paper trail and a background but Morgan has none of that.  The closest that we have come to siting Peter Morgan is through the Hedge Formula Group. Actually here he is George Dalio and the CEO of that group. Well Hedge Formula Group is also another scam hence it can be boldly concluded that Peter Morgan’s Formula is another scam.

Zero Loss Formula

Is Zero Loss Formula a Scam??

Yes ZeroLoss Formula is a scam and here is why. First and foremost the guy behind the camera who is explaining the software is not Peter Morgan but rather a hired actor who is doing his job. Watching the video carefully it is easy to note that the actor is reading what they are saying. Why would you want to read something that you own and is your source of income?

Secondly there is not much information in regards to how the software works. There is just a lot of flowery language and pushy sales tactics. For instance when he says that they only have 50 slots that people should take advantage of because after that it will cost you millions to be part of them.

Zero Loss Formula Review

The main actor in this entire scam, Peter Morgan claims in his video that they started out in 2012 but a search on Who.is reveals that the domain was first registered in 2nd July 2016. Falsification of facts is dominant in the claims he makes.

Zero Loss Formula Results & Profits

According to Peter Morgan when they initially started in 2012, their accuracy ratio was at 90% while now it is at 95%. Well such a feat is impossible because even the best of the best when it comes to trading cannot guarantee that. In short what Morgan is claiming is that their auto trading software works for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Markets only work on Monday to Friday, anything else is a scam. It is not clear how the algorithm here has been programmed and what tech the Zero Loss Formula system is running on.


Fake Zero Loss Formula Testimonials

All the reviews and testimonials on the site are actually acted out.  All the so called millionaires you see on the ZeroLoss Formula presentation are Fiverr actors who have done their job extremely well. A paid actor will definitely say anything to laugh all the way to the bank.


Conclusion on Zero Loss Formula Review

The Zero Loss Formula is a scam in every dimension you look at it from. From the level of experience to the figures and even the people behind it. It is only a Zero Loss on the side of the cons but not innocent novice traders so watch out.

Hopefully you have seen our review before you invested any money with this scam and we saved you some money. Feel free to SHARE this post to save others from losing there money and also check out our Trusted System List which is very very small.