100% Honest Zen Trader Review

Zen Trader Website: thezentrader.co

Zen Trader software is a new and very viral auto trading system that is raising concern among many traders over whether it’s legit software or just another trick to scam investors. Well, Zen Trader is actually a new scam that is making its entry into the market, intended to lure unsuspecting traders to invest their money in the system, only to end up disappointed and counting loses. This is a software you should avoid like a plague; go through our honest review as we reveal this dirty ploy by bogus schemers to delude you into giving your money away.

Detailed Zen Trader Review Reveals The Truth

Once you get into the website, you are met with a promo video that is parading dirty and fancy lifestyle. Then, the self-proclaimed owner of this system by the name of Mr Zen, takes you through a lengthy narration about how he started his journey to this marvellous software that can make you astonishingly rich in months. Mr Zen goes on to quote that he is giving out this software for free at first, only to come up later on with a claim that after four months, you will pay him with 7% of your profits. He is okay with letting you go if after the four months you won’t be willing to trade any more, which shows a probability that you will hardly make it to the four months. However, Mr. Zen talks nothing substantial about how his software works, which displays his fabricated lies.

Who is Mr. Zen??

Mr. Zen is the CEO and owner of this system. He opts to hide his identity from the users by using a narration video in which he does not give much detail about himself nor show his face. This can be attributed to the fact that he must be just another cheap scammer out there, or maybe he has featured in other scams in the past and doesn’t want to be identified easily. For whatever reasons, the fact that he is afraid of disclosing his identity remains proof enough that he is not as trustworthy.

Zen Trader Results & Profits

This scammer promises his prospect clients (or should we say victims) that with a deposit of as low as $250, they will be able to make well over $1350 per day trading with his software. If you are I for the deal, then you stand a chance of making at least 700,000 dollars within the first four months of trading. He is also proud of having over 1000 successful traders every weak, which also sounds lame and without any foundation.

zen trader

That’s not all yet, Mr. Zen goes on to tell us just how reliable his software has been, offering a whopping 94% success rate. He lies again; first, any success rate exceeding 90% is not realistic at all. What’s more, we are told about 94% rate in the promo video, which contradicts the 93% displayed on the website. Which one is real between the two? This gives yet another hint that we are just bugged with a bunch of lies here with nothing real in the offer.

Zen Trader Scam

Fake Zen Trader Testimonials

This software is allegedly capable of working wonders, according to the testimonials we get from people who have already tried it out. However, even these testimonials are not credible and cannot be trusted anyway. See, Mr. Zen just came up with a lame excuse of testimonials by stealing images from stock photos and captioning them to fool viewers. Then he thought that won’t be effective enough and went on to pay actors for hire from an online marketplace called Fiverr.com. This move, however, did not work in his favour, as it shows just how unreliable his claims are and why he should be avoided.

Zen Trader Testimonials

Is Zen Trader a Scam??

Yes, Zen Trader is a scam. As we have outlined on our review above, the information we are provided here does not make much sense, leave alone most of it being mere lies and deceptions. The owner of this software keeps hiding his face, gives us falsehoods and backs them up with fake and false testimonials, all of which sum up to show that this is a cheap scam that you should not even waste your time following up with.

Conclusion on Zen Trader Review

After doing our in depth research, we found out that Mr. Zen is only fabricating lies about his software. From all the suspicious details outlined in his lengthy story, we can tell that this scammer has nothing to offer than prompting you into investing money where you will never get any returns. It’s no wonder he spends a lot of time talking of his personal life and doesn’t tell us what we really need to know. We can conclude with the fact that Zen Trader is a scam, do not dare invest your money here or you are in for a huge loss.

Our Advice: Stay well clear of the Zen Trader and Mr Zen as its just another big scam. As always don’t forget to check out our trusted system list which will contain any options we feel will be a good way for you to make money online.

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