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Wealth Crew software is a new and very viral auto-trading system. The people behind this scam are not known but one of the co-founders is Nathan Schmidt. So how does his software works? Well it copies trades made by the top traders globally and sends them directly into your account. According to the video presentation, users are directly affected by what happens to these traders; their loss is your loss and their win is yours too.

It is alleged by Nathan that his software was featured on international media sources that is Wall Street Journal, CNN and CNBC.  This of course he attributes to the system’s great success whereby over 13,000 members were able to earn over $50,000. The Wealth Crew system is currently being offered for users on a 3 months trial period. All you need to do is not be late.

Despite the glamour and the glitz portrayed in the presentation video, Nathan Schmidt’s Wealth Crew System is nothing more but a sham. Continue reading to find out the truth.

Detailed Wealth Crew Review Reveals The Truth

The thing is that this trading app is copying positions that belong to some very senior guys in the world of trading and it does this more than a thousand times daily. The success rate is said to be 91.2%

Who is Nathan Schmidt  ?

Wealth Crew Review

Nathan Schmidt is the actor in the video presentation who says that he is the co-founder of Wealth Crew. He got the idea after attending a trip to Hong Kong where he attended a business convention. During that convention he met with traders who apparently were making lots of money and wanted to share their money making tactics with the whole world. So Nathan being the “bright” guy he was suggested to them to make an app that will copy the trades billionaires and other wealthy and successful traders. That is how Wealth Crew was born.

Again, Nathan is a voice actor because throughout the video, his face is not seen. There are a lot of texts and images so this is why Nathan’s identity is questionable. Furthermore this so called financial guru is non-existent even in the social media circles.

Is Wealth Crew a Scam??

Yes Wealth Crew is a scam and here is why.  First of all there are no records as far as Nathan’s credibility is concerned, so how he has managed to help over 13,000 people become rich is really mysterious. This even get deep if you consider that we are living in the age of the internet where such great financial feats go viral but Wealth Crew and its  over 13,000 rich members is nowhere to be seen. Everything we see and hear is therefore bogus.

Just go ahead and take a minute. George Soros himself is a well-known figure and it is possible that whatever he touches turns into gold. So if he truly endorsed this app then it should have been selling like hotcake instead of recording a long video of begging and being pushy. Well these endorsements are false and Nathan is blatantly lying.

Wealth Crew Scam

Wealth Crew Results & Profits

Wealth Crew by Nathan Schmidt proclaims themselves as an establishment with highly experienced traders providing an exaggerated 91% win accuracy. The unknown and bogus Nathan continues to guarantee viewers that this software is set to make thousands of dollars every week for its members. Interestingly, he claims that this software has indeed generated positive endorsements as well as credibility with large user base. As enticing as it sounds and how Nathan attempts to represent a legitimate service, it hides common money stealing attributes! Nevertheless, our investigative report shall reveal the truth about Wealth Crew binary trading software!

Nathan and his team of scammers say that their app has a 91% accuracy level thanks to working with the top brains in trading worldwide. He therefore guarantees viewers that the software will be making them thousands of dollars weekly. Now this is how you know that this guy is lying because even the guys down at Wallstreet say that such a level of accuracy is impossible. And placing 1000 trades, now it is also impossible to have 1000 successful trades.

Fake Wealth Crew Testimonials

First and foremost, Nathan Schmidt is non-existent and alongside those false claims in the video there are fake social media posts and members. He is also using the persona of George Soros illegally since Soros cannot interact with such cheap scammers. These guys also trade on the weekends; this should set off your scam buzzer because everybody knows that the markets are closed for the weekend.

Wealth Crew Testimonials

Conclusion on Wealth Crew Review

Wealth Crew have resorted to the same tricks that every online scammer employs to get away with people’s cash. False association with the who is who in the trading industry just shows how desperate you are. Forging online posts and testimonials. All these are signs that no one should dare associate with Wealth Crew and the Wealth Crew review’s verdict is that entire thing is a sham. At the end of this review we are adding this binary trading system to our scam list just like Cash Formula, Dubai Lifestyle App and Insured Trading.

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