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Wall Street Focus Group Website: wallstreetfocusgroup.com

Wall Street Focus Group is the new scam in town. This system is turning viral thanks to its misinformed affiliates who are so focused on attracting more people not knowing that they themselves are in a trap. They send out spam emails and some of our readers were also recipients of the mails. The system which is marketed as a binary options trading software is based on what its owners call the Cobra 5 software. From the video presentation there is a lot of misinformation to sway the public in the wrong direction. Read the Wall Street Focus Group Review to find out the truth based on facts.

Detailed Wall Street Focus Group Review Reveals The Truth

As we mentioned initially this system is based on the Cobra 5 software. The software searches for financial information and it then gives winning trades. This it does by sending signals to the system to alert it about a winning trade. The guy behind all this is David Lombardi who claims that his system has been in operation since 2012. This is what launched him into a millionaire status since he made $137 million by using the Cobra 5 software.

David is assuring his viewers that the Cobra 5 software has a success rate of 100% plus it is totally an auto trading software. In fact because of this he lets his viewers know that they will be earning $796 daily so they should sit back and relax because they will be making endless profits.

David tells us that he has been in this line of business for four years and as at the 4th of May this year he had made $131,507. So we decided to check out the authenticity of his claims. We of course used who is which of course showed us that the site is not even a month old. The Wall Street Focus Group website was not around in May 2016. So do not believe the fake account snap shots on the screen.

You cannot be assured of making $796 daily when you are dealing with an actor who has no knowledge whatsoever when it comes to binary options trading. David has appeared in a good number scams like Safeguard trader, GPS Trader and Terabit Trader. So Wall Street Focus Group is his latest scam invention. This scammer has hurt a lot of people and we are exposing him for the liar that he is.

Who is David Lombardi??


David Lombardi is an actor hired on Fiverr. He is paid to lie and make sure he does a good job so that at the end of it all you deposit $250 with a rogue broker who will never pay you back. At the beginning of his video presentation he mentions a popular Netflix series and major brands such as Pokémon. He associates himself with such big names so that he can make you think that he is the real deal. We searched for him online only to find that the only real David Lombardi is an ESPN reporter, the guy on the Wall Street Focus Group website is a fraud.

Wall Street Focus Group Results & Profits

David says that his software gives traders an accuracy level of 100%. This means that traders who use the Cobra 5 robot will never ever make losses. Unfortunately this is not true. Anything above 0% is impossible and even the best traders in the world would not support that claim.


Fake Wall Street Focus Group Testimonials

A testimonial is somebody’s word that he says about something. First of all David Lombardi is a made up character. The other testimonials on the site are also from paid actors. Do not believe anything you see or hear on this site.

Is Wall Street Focus Group a Scam??

Yes Wall Street Focus Group is a scam and it’s a scam for all the reasons we have outlined above. Half truths, impossible accuracy levels and hired actors. Other scams to avoid are Spectrum 7, The Cash LoopHole and  Profit Replicator.


Conclusion on Wall Street Focus Group Review

David and his group of scammers have nothing good up their sleeves. They are simply misinforming viewers so that in the end money is deposited. Question is what happened to all the other scams he participated in? The answer is simple, scammers use a hit and run method and Wall Street Focus Group is not any different. It would be wise if you do not entertain them in any way.

Hopefully you have seen our Spectrum 7 review in time and you haven’t been caught by these scammers. please consider SHARING to help save others and If you are looking for real way to make money online then make sure you check out our Trusted List which we constantly update with what is working.