100% Honest Turbine XO Review

Turbine XO Website: turbinexo.com

Turbine XO software is a new and very viral auto trading scam that is orchestrated to lure unsuspecting traders into investing their money with these scammers, only to end up in losses. Quite often, scammers come up with all types of tricks to win traders to their snare and Turbine XO is not any different. We have done a detailed research to identify the hidden ugly side of this scam, here is the prove that this is a cheap scam that you should not be fooled to join.

Detailed Turbine XO Review Reveals The Truth

Many scams try to feature flashy lifestyles in their videos, produce high quality videos and do anything they can to show you how serious they are about their deal. However, Turbine XO plays the trick in a different way, making a nonsense video that doesn’t even sound convincing. In addition, the narrator is apparently an actor hired to represent the owners of this scam.

First, he starts by telling us how his software has been doing well since 2015. That may be his claim, but we decided to confirm from Who.is to get the details about the site’s domain. What we found out is way too far from a site that is a year old, as the domain indicates that this particular site was developed on June 2016. This is a red flag that we are dealing with a real scam.

Furthermore, you will notice the owner of this software claims that it is based on Wall Street Algorithm, which is yet another big lie. All trading software have different algorithms and there is nothing like Wall Street Algorithm in any sense. Away from that, we bumped into another ridiculous claim here, that the same owner and CEO of Turbine XO owns another company named Click Trade LTD. What a liar, this company is not existent. This guy is trying to be smart, but the more he lies, the more he gives himself away.

Who is Andrew Fisher??

Turbine XO Review

The owner and CEO of Turbine XO is Andrew Fisher, a scammer purporting to be a successful binary options trader. He further adds that his software is capable of outsmarting others in the game and takes pride in its unsurpassed accuracy and speed. What disqualifies him is the normal scammer s’ jargon that he keeps rotating about, instead of giving users the facts and detailed information on how his software works. Mr Andrews is apparent a fictional character without any idea about binary trading.

Turbine XO Results & Profits

Turbine XO Scam

This owner is trying so hard to convince you that his software is the best you can find in binary trading market. He claims that it has an astounding 94% accuracy, right? Well, you will only find such accuracy in scam software, because they are not existent anyway. One thing is for sure, no any binary trading has an accuracy exceeding 90%, at least not consistently.

Moreover, viewers are promised to make between $1500 and $5500 a day, which their clients are already making. Well, this is unrealistic enough, any binary trader will tell you this is insane.

Fake Turbine XO Testimonials

Turbine XO Testimonials

The testimonials used to back these claims are themselves false and faked. The guy this owner used to give us his story after using the software is just a cheap Fiverr.com actor for hire who claims to be making astonishing profits while he is acting for a pay of just $5. This adds to the lies these scammers are fabricating around. Additionally, they have also used faked testimonials at their website, using stock photos and captioning them, although they don’t sound real and can be easily identified as lies.

Is Turbine XO a Scam??

Yes, Turbine XO is a cheap scam that is schemed to convince innocent traders, especially beginners, to believing that there a smart deal on the offer. However, this is just a poorly operated strategy to scam people and it’s still unlikely that anyone would believe this guy and his system.

Conclusion on Turbine XO Review

From the false promises to the fake testimonials, fabricated lies and the stuff, we can conclude without a shade of doubt that Turbine XO is just another new and dirty system scam in the market. These scammers are employing their futile efforts to get to your pocket, but they should not be given a chance even for once. Stay away from turbine XO for the safety of your money.

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