100% Honest The Trader App Review

The Trader App Website: thetraderapp.co

The Trader App is new and very viral auto trading software, which came into the market recently without much about its launching coming into light. Its CEO and founder is an actor calling himself Brian Wren, who endorses it as capable of helping you get financial independence by making money from the comfort of your home. The Trader App is said to be offered for a free 30-day trial, after which you will have to pay only 1% commission from your profits every month.

Detailed The Trader App Review Reveals The Truth

Looking at The Trader App you can take it for a real and reliable way of trading, but upon taking a closer and judgemental look, you will realize that this is a scam that has been sugarcoated with lies to appear legit. To begin with, software is reportedly 100% accurate and free of charge to download and use, the deal here is too good to be real.

To disguise his ill motive, Bryan holds to a vague claim that he hates scams that promise to make people millionaires fast calling them “magical software scams”. Further, he adds an aspect of the possibility of 1% winning price to make his scam appear a legit system. He even goes an extra mile to bring on board a one Howard Davis, claimed to have 18 years experience in trading, to test the software and give a review of its legitimacy to prospect viewers.

What gives him away is the way he contradicts himself during the review, quoting some abilities of the software like automatic execution of trade with a currency signal to minimize losses, if the commodity signal fails. This is yet to be tested and approved even by the iconic traders. Thus, it out rightly disqualifies   Davis’ review as fabricated lies.

Who is Brian Wren??


Brian Wren is The Trader App’s CEO, he is the schemer and mastermind behind this new scam, who seems to be smart in his execution of tactics to convince you that his app is the way to go in trading. Wren is without doubt aware of the potential of trading as well as the vulnerability of people who are craving financial independence out there. Nothing will bar this man in his quest to get you into the loop and make away with your money.

The Trader App Results & Profits

The first and most skeptical thing about this software is the profits the creator is promising you. Anyone promising you of making $3,000 a day without asking anything for payback should sound suspicious right away. The other thing that disqualifies this software from being anything close to a legit and reliable trading is the success rate, quoted at 98%. This will sounds unrealistic to anyone, let alone the best traders who have been in the field for quite a long time.

What’s more, there comes the promise of taking the first fifteen new users of the said Brian Wren The Trade App software to spent two nights in a hotel in New York city. This is apparently a way of getting you into the snare to register with these bogus schemers and give them your hard-earned money.


Fake The Trader App Testimonials

All the testimonials in The Trade App System comprise of fake and stock photos from the internet. Starting with the man called upon to test the app and give a review, the one Howard Davis who is not a trader, but a paid actor who is aiming at fooling viewers and convincing them that this software is legit. Our detailed scrutiny of the testimonials provided in this scam has proved that none of them is in the trading industry and that most of the pictures used are stock photos which do not show any connection with trading in our search.


Is The Trader App a Scam??

Yes, The Trader App is a scam and it’s a scam for all the reasons we have outlined above. Hopefully its not a scam that has caught you or stole your hard earned money.

Conclusion on The Trader App Review

Trading is a potential avenue for people who like investing their money in the platform. The only unfortunate thing is that such scammers as Brian Wren are into getting unsuspecting traders unawares and conning them money. If you are into investing your money in trading, then The Trader App is one of the software you should steer clear to stay on the safe side of the industry.

Advice: Avoid the Trader App and warn everyone else it is a dirty scam

Any time we ever find anything that actually works for us we will add it to our Trusted System List.