100% Honest Orion Code Review – Its a SCAM!

Orion Code Website: theorioncode.com/access.php

The name of the game is recycling. Edward Robinson, the alleged developer of Orion Code brings to us a binary options trading software that promises to flood our world with money. As usual the story line that Robinson is that which every scammer has stuck to. He started from the bottom in Wall Street till he became the trading guru he is today. Orion Code developers promise that you will be making $100,000 in a month.

It is important for us to alert you that Orion Code is just a scam sibling to Quantum Code scam. Yes they have used two different actors but the script is still the same, word for word. We are here because we received emails from concerned readers. This thing is going viral but they are not sure about its authenticity. Well let us get right into a state of revelation.

Detailed Orion Code Review Reveals The Truth

It all begins with Edward heading on to his “jet” and just before he gets in he lets us know that he is the friendliest rich man on earth. Check out the Quantum Code video presentation, that exact setting and those exact words are echoed. As the jet takes off, Edward gets to his selling points. He has a leverage against all other binary trading systems because his works with NQS technology otherwise standing for near Orion speed technology.

Because of this technology, Edward has been able to allegedly turn 350 common folks into millionaires. Their images appear and we couldn’t help but notice how stock photos have been utilised. Now what Edward wants are beta testers who want to get rich soon. You can even get rich quicker thanks to his VIP slots that keep on fluctuating. As a beta taster you will making $10,000 daily what is more? Edward is willing to pay you to try out his software (read reverse psychology). Since he is paying there is no harm, right? No, wrong. This is a fish net laid out by the big fish in scamming, the bait is all that you would like hear them say apart from the voice of reason. The investment is $250. That is not much, right? Yes that is what they want you to think because they want you to think like an individual but truth of the matter is that thousands fall for the bait and $250 grows into a hedge fund for someone else. The devil is in your assumption.

Who is Edward Robinson??


Edward Robinson is the alleged developer of Orion Code. Unfortunately Edward Robinson is not real. The name of the actor assuming that role is Jeff Gorham who is actually a professional actor. Check out the movie Sandy Boulevard. The guy is so good at his job he even sits on the board of several cultural institutions. What can we say, acting pays well but still ethical actors know that they should not use their skills to steal.

Orion Code Results & Profits

The developers of this scam software have ensured that their website has widgets all over. These are meant to fool you. For instance the fluctuating VIP slot widget. One minute there is one spot available next minutes 5 slots are open. So how many VIPs are there? There I also a clock letting you know there are only 34 minutes remaining for you to grab the opportunity of a life time. Yes every day you have only 34 minutes.


Edward tells us that users can make $3300 daily and as if that is not hype he adds that they are still tweaking the software so as to increase earnings. This is Edward appealing to the greed in everyone. Of course everyone wants to make money but be fooled that it will happen with a tweaked software.

The other bogus claim is 100% accuracy thanks to NQS technology. 100% accuracy is impossible in the trading world not even with auto trading software can such a level be reached.

Fake Orion Code Testimonials

Orion Code is full of false testimonials. All of them are present in the video. You need to understand any person or document used to prove a point is a testimonial. Now of course the first false testimonial is that of Edward Robinson because he is a fictional character.


Chris, one of Edward’s workers is also another fictional character. He is actually has a supporting actor role in another scam by the name Azure Method. The images that come on the screen when Edward talks about helping 350 people become millionaires is just something retrieved from stock photos. The third one is quite funny. It so fake but it requires a keen listener. Robert used Quantum Code, Daniel used Orion Code. Both users made $16,000, called the developers while they were in their jets and both of their wives were crying for joy. Too much of a coincidence.

We love digging deep to ensure that our readers get the whole picture. There are people who have been paid to good things about the Orion Scam. The paid reviewers use stock images. Why would something genuine be promoted to such a desperate extent?

Is Orion Code a Scam??

Yes Orion Code is a scam and it’s a scam for all the reasons we have outlined above. Another big scam to watch out for is the Automata Formula Scam which is also going very viral at the minute.

Conclusion on Orion Code Review

Binary options can very a lucrative venture and scammers know that. They do their little research and set off fishing. Unfortunately because they are not professional they leave loopholes in their details hence they are discovered. This Orion Code review simply seeks to make the truth obvious and that is, Orion Code is a scam. Hopefully you haven’t been caught by these scammers and don’t forget to check out our trusted system list if you are looking for systems that have genuinely worked for us.