100% Honest Onassis Alliance Review

Onassis Alliance Website: onassisalliance.co

Onassis Alliance software is a new and very viral auto trading scam that is aimed at draining traders’ money. This scam is headed by a man by the name of Jed Onassis, who claims to have made millions of dollars from his software, which he is allegedly offering to users to change their lives in days. However, looking closely at this scammer’s claims, you can easily tell that he is merely fabricating lies and has nothing worth of traders’ time listening to his get-rich-quick nonsense. We did a detailed research to uncover the lies behind this too good to be true offer and outlined them in the following review.

Detailed Onassis Alliance Review Reveals the Truth

Many scammers out there would promise you anything to get you going their way. Fortunately, most of them come up with cheap lies that can be seen from a distance. Well, The Onassis Alliance seems to be in that very category, offering many unrealistic promises to users, that are apparently meant to scam innocent people before disappearing into thin air. The first and usually popular lie we hear in most scams comes first herein. There is this promise about a 100% free opportunity to change your life, but the bitter truth is that you have to part with $250 to get pay their brokers and more if you happen to invest with this software.

Besides, there are also other promises of becoming rich quickly with the use of this amazing software. All you are bugged with throughout the long video is fancy cars, jets and houses. This is known to be beyond impossible in trading. You cannot become stinking rich within days, unless you are using Mr. Onassis’ imaginary software. Remember, you have to work with their brokers, they don’t allow you to trade via your broker, if you have one. Does that ring a bell in your mind? Well, it should.

The profits promised to accrue from the use of this software are also unrealistic, not to mention the unattainable accuracy it is being associated with, which is way beyond possible. There is also a supposed proof that this software is working, especially by using a certain dubious algorithm that does not sound anything like a genuine algorithm. The sad owner of this CEO does on to offer visits to some of his clients to train them on how the software works. However, the process explained here is apparently shallow and unconvincing at all.

Who is Jed Onassis??

Onassis Alliance Scam

The owner and CEO of Onassis Alliance Scam is Jed Onassis, a man who claims to have built this software from scratch with the help of some engineers. He tells a lot about becoming wealthy and the profits that can accrue to the use of his app, but fails blatantly on showing how it works to users. This scammer is trying to have a convincing edge, but an observant viewer can tell that he is just fabricating lies.

Onassis Alliance Results & Profits

When talking of profits that this software is alleged to make, we have to admit that Mr Onassis takes us for a ride here. He is proud of his success, maintaining that his software can generate a total of $625 per hour and $7,500 in a day. Now, this is not only impossible, it is rather ridiculous. Such profits are not heard of in the binary trading markets, well, unless we are talking about a scam. Moreover, it is alleged that this software has a whopping 97.4% winning rate. This is also unrealistic and false, period.

Onassis Alliance Review

Fake Onassis Alliance Testimonials

This software appears to be short of testimonials, unlike most of the scam software marketing strategies. The few testimonials presented here include a few pictures quoted with the users’ take on the software’s efficiency. However, the pictures used here seem vague and unconvincing. It is apparent that these are mere stock photos used to fool users to believing there is a deal worth of their time and money.

Onassis Alliance Scam Review

Is The Onassis Alliance a Scam??

Yes, Onassis Alliance is nothing but a cheap scam targeting traders who are not cautious enough or are unaware that this is a weird scheme to take their money. For all the reasons we have outlined above, we can confidently declare this a scam with nothing real to offer the users other than manipulating them into losing their money. Other scams we have exposed lately that you should avoid are Zeus 2The Orion Code and Automata Formula.

Conclusion on Our Onassis Alliance Review

This offer is not real, it is full of lies and deceptive claims, false promises and a lot of acting meant to convince you that you are in for some big money. However, the sad truth is, this is a trap by some bogus schemers out there to get your hard earned money. Stay away from The Onassis Alliance, it is a scam.

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