100% Honest Centument Project 2 Review

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The Centument Project 2 software is a new and very viral auto trading binary option. It is the creation of one Gerald Reed. In his presentation video, the supposed young trading guru expresses his anger at the supposed overseas brokers who hacked into Centument Project 1 causing 10% of people using his software to lose money. His fool proof software had been hacked into and now his software was reading losing trades as profitable ones but now he and his team are smarter and are ready to take on their so called enemies with your help to give them back their BS thanks to the new improved Centument Project 2 system.

Detailed Centument Project 2 Review Reveals The Truth

So according to Gerald, he and his team of mathematicians, coders and even hackers have been pretty busy for the past nine months coming up with the Centument Project 2 system scam. Now he promises even greater profits and that the system has artificial intelligence embedded in it whereby it can detect any tampering and will make immediate changes to ensure that only profits are made. Therefore no so called evil broker will tamper with your million making machine.

Gerald also promises that many big names are paying attention to him and in just a few months he will have an IPO. Hence the need to start using his software because you are in to make a whole shit load of money in the process.

Users are assured that they will be able to earn $5000 daily since the Centument Project 2 system has a 100% success rate.

Video from YouTube Exposing This scam

Who is Gerald Reed ?

Centument Project 2

Gerald Reed is the same guy who brought to you the Centument Project 1. So this is not a fresh scam but washed and rinsed one. He really tries to pull the reverse psychology card of admitting failure and blaming it in ghostly enemies. But now Gerald Reed’s Centument Project 2 system is promising nothing but you joining the high society.

So does Gerald Reed exist? Well only in the minds of scammers. The guy in the video is a great actor no wonder he was hired twice. He has been hired to act as a lead to shady brokers who will never give you a dime. Take a close look at the car he drives and you will notice that it is quite familiar to that being driven in the Mobile Binary Code video. Even the boardrooms look exactly the same.

Is Centument Project 2 a Scam??

Yes Centument Project 2 is a scam and here is why. Reed goes ahead to say that they have been testing the software for two months and in that period they have had no losses. He also states that his propriety algorithm cannot be hacked or tampered with. Question is, what does that have to do with trading? He does not go down to expound how the software works. He only yaps and curses his enemies.

Centument Project 2 Review

Some months back he had 1644 traders apparently these traders are nothing more than shutter stock photos. No real person was involved.

Centument Project 2 Results & Profits

According to Reed, when you use his auto trading software you simply need to quit your day job because you will be making upto $5000 daily. Afterall what do you have to lose with a software whose success rate is perfect with a score of 100%? Of course this might blind a novice trader but the real experts know that there is no auto trading robot with a success rate of 100% the most successful rate is 85 % and further no one is immune top losses; they are part and parcel of trading.

Centument Project 2 Scam

Fake Centument Project 2 Testimonials

Gerald Reed and his team of scammers are quite smart. They did not go and hire Fiverr actors instead they opted for stock photos. All the testimonials have been retrieved from stock photos and there are a few name changes here and there.  Same script and same cast. Nothing has changed.



Gerald’s team is very bold to the point of mentioning well respected financial news media sources like CNN Money, Bloomberg and Time. Thing is there is no link back to an article of the auto trader on these sites. These are totally fake reviews meant to give fake legitimacy to the site.

Conclusion on Centument Project 2 Review

Just like the Zero Loss Formula I reviewed earlier this is a scam. There is no such thing as a no loss trading system. Anything can happen in the markets. The guy acting on the camera is an actor paid to deliver. The Centument Project 2 review can confidently conclude that this system is nothing more than a scam.

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