100% Honest Cash Loophole Review

Cash Loophole Website: thecashloophole.co

Cash Loophole software is a new and very viral auto trading system allegedly developed and owned by one Richard Sellars. This software promises users to be raking in more than $1,000 in just three hours. The video is only showing in 9 countries meaning that those who are not able to watch it are missing out and only those who can view it are the lucky ones. The aim is to get novice traders hooked. In order to ensure that our readers are not caught in the same trap the Cash Loophole review is here to set the record straight and give you facts.

Detailed Cash Loophole Review Reveals The Truth

The Cash Loophole is brought to us courtesy of one Richard Sellars. In the presentation we are not able to tell who Richard is or how he looks like so we are supposed to assume that the voice doing the narration as the slides show is Richard.

Richard says that his software is directly connected to the stock market. This makes the software capable of analyzing reports and signals daily. He adds that because of this a single trader is provided with at least 100 trades that are not only profitable but accurate. This must be a very good deal considering the fact that in January 2017 the software will be released to the public where each license will be going for $1000.

We should therefore say that Cash Loophole is the system everybody has been waiting for, right? No. You see on their homepage there is a message saying that the system has completed its operations but head on to the internal pages courtesy of an invitation and what you see is exactly the opposite as things are operating as usual.

We also went on to read what most beginner trader assume and that is the disclaimer where it is clearly stated that what you see is not what you get. So what Richard is doing is false advertising. Why assure people of making $1987 after three hours then add in fine print that what you said is just a simulation and not the real thing?

Richard talks about brokers and talks of how brokers manipulate trades and that is what his system counters. His Cash Loophole system takes advantage of the manipulations in order to make profits. Question is, if Richard is taking advantage of broker invented manipulations, does it also mean that he is working with rogue brokers? After all isn’t his system made to make profit from manipulations? And yet he is always reminding his viewers that they need to deposit $250 if they want to be making more than $1,000 in three hours.

Who is Richard Sellars??

The Cash Loophole

The answer to who is Richard Sellars is actually mystery because he is a made up character. From the video we only get voice acting and the scammers expect you to believe that the person speaking is Richard. This is not the first time or the last that such a feat has been performed by scammers. Richard Sellars does not exist.

Results & Cash Loophole Profits

Binary options trading is a lucrative sector and you can make good money from it but making $1987 after every three hours is just too much and from just $250. It is also impossible to have 100% accuracy. At least this is what Richard is promising hen he says that his software manipulates the systems of rogue traders. It is able to analyze reports and from this provide you with at least 100 profitable and accurate trades. Professional traders get profits and also losses but they have the grace to continue. The stock market is not a human with static characteristics. It shifts and no one can claim to know how the market will act.


Fake Cash Loophole Testimonials

The testimonials on the Cash Loophole site are false. These are hired actors who have been paid to pose and lie infront of a camera. Not to forget the stock images used in the print testimonials down when you scroll below the video.

The Cash Loophole Scam

Is Cash Loophole a Scam??

Yes Cash Loophole is a scam and it’s a scam for all the reasons we have outlined above. Paid actors, exaggerated profits and pushy sales tactics among other things.

Conclusion on Cash Loophole Review

It is unfortunate that a lucrative and genuine industry has people taking advantage of it. Come to think of it there is no financial business that is not prone to fraudsters. The only safety is in gathering information so that you know what to avoid. Cash Loophole is one of those schemes meant to siphon money from novices who are not experienced in trading. It therefore important that you avoid it by all means.

Hopefully you seen this important honest review before getting caught by these scammers. Please consider SHARING to help others stay safe and as always anything I find that really makes us money will be added to our Trusted System List.