100% Honest Tesler App Review

Tesler App Website: teslerapp.co

Tesler App software is a new and very viral auto trading binary trading option. Tesler System is a scam and must be avoided at all costs. The scam is launched by the same people who introduced two other scams namely, Satellite Trader and Obcasio Trader.

Tesler System has enormous promises but very unrealistic. The scammers behind the app are promising to make you a millionaire within the next six months. This is just a sham and can never happen using the binary trading system. Stay away from the liars and be safe.

Detailed Tesler App Review Reveals the Truth

From our detailed review we established the following promises as made by the scammers behind the scenes of this bogus app. Be warned for the promises are a big lie. The intention of the fake promises is to lure you to invest your money with the people who will vanish with it as soon as you deposit.

The CEO promises that the system will earn you thousands of dollars daily for the rest of your life. He continues by saying that with this pace you are guaranteed of being a millionaire in the coming six months. Frankly speaking, no bot can make you a millionaire within such a short time, even the bonafide ones. Don’t be fooled by these thieves who want to easily make millions for themselves out of your hard earned money.

The presumed CEO advices that at the end of each day you will have an extra $5,700 in your bank account. Really? Is this a charity foundation or what? Don’t be convinced by this blank lie.

Who is The CEO Steven Abrahams?


Steven Abrahamsis a presumed CEO. He is not a legitimate Chief Executive Officer. He does not exist as a CEO. This fictional character talks of you making $237 every single hour for 24 hours in a day.

Steven Abrahams, as seen on the internet is a meagrely paid actor. He pulls the gigs for scammers behind the scenes and in return gets paid.

His work is majorly to convince you to deposit your hard earned money from reading scripts. He is trying to use words which can easily make you fantasize on how you will buy luxurious cars, clothes, flats and food from the millions of dollars you will make in a very short time thanks to Steven Abrahams Tesler System.

Don’t be lured no matter how true he may sound. He is just too exaggerated to be true. Stay away from this actor and be safe and financially fit.

Is Tesler App a Scam?

Yes Tesler App is a scam and here is why it is a big sham and lie. Stay away from the fake promises and offers.

Tesler App Results & Profits


$1,000,000 earned in just six months from a bot system? This is too good to be true. This is impossible with any bot system. Steven Abrahams is giving this false promise just to lure you to deposit your money.

He has no intention of making you a millionaire but to make you poorer and make his employers, the scammers, richer. Be warned and shy off.

The alleged CEO is so much in need of people to steal from up to the point of lying, again. He says that he has only 3 spots left and that the clients will be served on a first come first served basis. This is just a trick he is using to lure you. Don’t fall for the trick you will be financially doomed.

The fake CEO says that you don’t need any prior knowledge to use the system. Whether you are a beginner or a professional trader. This is his other lame trick to attract you to his scam system. One needs at least some knowledge in order to efficiently use bot and make the most out of it.

He claims that the system is 100% free. This is not true. You need to download it. This requires an internet connection which costs some few coins.

At the end of using the app you will note that you used more than you expected and that’s when you will realise that the app was not for free. Before you get there make sure not even to give the app a try for it is a total scam and will make your hard earned money disappear for good without trace.

Fake Tesler App Testimonials


Scrolling down to the web page of this scandalous application we find an image of a testimonial. A person who has made loads of dollars from the app. This is just a person from the search results on the internet created by the scammers behind the scam.

There is no reliable information concerning the person in question thus an unreliable testimonial. Don’t be lured by the fakes to seriously deposit your money for it will disappear as soon as you deposit it.

When logging in to the site using Microsoft Edge, a web browser from Microsoft Corporation you are warned not to continue to the site for the website is a threat to you as an individual.


Conclusion on Tesler App Review

From our well researched review we frankly flag the above well explained system as bogus and unrealistic. We warn you to stay away from it and anything that associates itself to it for they are all big fat lies.

Hopefully you have seen our Tesler App review in time and you haven’t been caught by these scammers. please consider SHARING to help save others and If you are looking for real way to make money online then make sure you check out our Trusted List which we constantly update with what is working.