100% Honest Terabit Trader Review

Terabit Trader Website: terabittrader.com

Terabit Trader is a new and very viral auto trading binary option trading software. The actor is using all he can to talk newbies into being a part of the success the software comes with. He claims that the ability and the capacity of the trading application can be compared to non-other in the industry. Don’t fall for these mere allegations as put by the hired actor.

Detailed Terabit Trader Review reveals the Truth

The actor in the video praises how efficient and excellent the software is. He says that together with his team they work for you to make sure that you experience the success the application brings about. They will work around the clock to make sure you experience zero lose in all your transactions. Together with the just stated benefits he promises the following too:

The software is very first. It has the highest transaction speed in history. This makes it efficient and on top of other such binary trading options. It surpasses the rest in terms of profits made and the number of successful trades made in a day.

You don’t need any experiences or know-how of using the application. This puts

You at an advantage. First of all you won’t waste time learning how to use the system but will be taken through it by the CEO and his ever working team. This will save you money and time giving you ample time to invest with them and start making profits as soon as possible.

97% accuracy guaranteed. You won’t have to worry of losing money but how to spend the $20,000 made in a day. Making such an amount in a day is overwhelming giving you assured future financial security. You have a lot to save after making $20,000 in a day.

The software is automatic. Just set it and the rest is taken care of. You can go on with your other errands meanwhile the application is making thousands in hours. This is a good deal for a very busy person who needs to make extra coins just for luxury.

Beta-testers get free 100% free access. You can be a beta-tester is you enroll with them. This makes you better off, making profits from scratch. They also promise a $3,000 free bonus for just reading the review about the system on their blog. This puts you at an advantage of investing other people’s money and making your own profits.

The actor assures of accuracy of 97% of all your trades. He attributes this to the well-researched binary signals done by the best in the field. This is a guarantee that can’t be offered by any other binary traders.

Who is the CEO: Richard Heffner?

Terabit Trader Scam

He is just an actor we already seen on the Navstar Trader scam and also on the GPS trader system which this is a complete copy of as you will see in the image below

Terabit Trader Results and Profits

Investing with the scam organization you are guaranteed of making $47,000 in a week. This is enough to lure you to invest with the system. Don’t be fooled. If this is true where are the benefactors of these profits? Searching on the Google search engine doesn’t bring such figures in a week or the name of the organization.

Guarantees 97% success in all binary trades. This is a big win compared to the tiny loss of 3%. This is a good deal to drag you into channeling your hard earned money in the organization. Don’t be swayed by fake accuracy just cooked by the paid actor to promote the scam. No system is this efficient as seen in genuine binary trading systems. The highest level accuracy is never above 50%, it occurs but once in a while.

The actor claims that he made 27 random people millionaires in a period of three months. This statement makes us suspicious. Random people millionaires in 3 months? No this cant be. This would have broken the internet and we would be aware of him, the made millionaires and his miracle working application but that’s not the case. Infact from their site they only have 847 members, if they were as successful as he says the number would have sky-rocketed.

Richard Heffner the claimed CEO of Terabit Trader happens to be a CEO of another scam called GPS Trader. He uses the same script he use here to lure newbies. He is an actor hired to promote the fake software. Keep your money safe by staying away from his scam.

Fake Terabit Trader Testimonials


To prove the legitimacy of the software they have just went to Getty images have been downloaded random images and added some fake testimonials underneath them. They have gone further to give the application a 5 star rating.

This is all crafted to convince you that others have tried it and has worked for them, so why don’t you join the group of new millionaires? Stay away from the fake testimonials and be safe.

 Terabit Fake testimonials

Is Terabit Trader a Scam??

Yes, Terabit Trader is a scam and should never be trusted. It has done enough damage already by feeding innocent traders with inaccurate information and hopefully I have given you enough info above to prove this is a dirty scam just like Insured Trading and Dubai Lifestyle App which we recently reviewed.

Conclusion on Terabit Trader Review

From our transparent review above you can frankly see that none of the made statements are true. They are bogus and exaggerated. To be on the safer side with your money don’t listen to any of their promotional statements for they are all lies. Keep your money in your pocket and put it into something that will genuinely make you money.

If you still looking for something that really works check out our trusted system list which is very small as there are only a few systems that will actually really work