100% Honest Ten Fold Finance Review

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Ten Fold Finance is a new and very viral auto trading software created to fool you into thinking you will make quick money with them. You have probably watched the video about The Ten Fold Finance Scam already so be warned, this is a scam. We have done this review to keep you safe and aware of all the false goodies the owner promises in the video. Do not risk even a single cent trading with this application. This is a now thing and later it is not there.

Ten Fold Finance Review Reveals the Truth

Ten Fold Finance System offers and promises so much, these include:

Financial security. Ten Fold Finance, as said in the video footage is specifically engineered to make you rich. The software is basically made to make profits and only profits. This way you will never be in debts, you will never have to worry about paying bills and will always have money to do what you want when you want it. <- BS

The video contains flashy, exquisite and luxurious products. This is one of the ways the alleged owner uses to make you feel the ownership of the luxurious products. Once you start using that app. You will be like him in all of his aspects.

He promises to give you a secret which he discovered about binary trading using the application he came up with and he is very ready to share the success secret he discovered with you, he doesn’t want to be the only beneficiary of the discovery, he wants you to be a part of the eternal success.

5 years ago Kyle Jenkins was leading a low life just like many other ordinary people. But since he discovered the secret through the Ten Fold Finance programme, he had a 360 degrees paradigm shift. He was kind enough to share the success with other ordinary people and made them successful. He is ready to do the same for you.

Ten Fold Finance application can predict 7 out of 10 accurate trades. With this level of accuracy the alleged owner is assuring you of 70% success in every trade you transact. He guarantees of a win because of the prediction capabilities of the system.

The owner promises a harvest of $80,000 on a monthly basis without any hustle. Who wouldn’t want to make such an amount just from an application?

Ten Fold Finance System is a unique trading software coded with unique algorithm that favors the binary trader no matter the market situation. The application can be set in the autopilot mode making it work for you even when you are not there to control it. This way, you can go on with your other errands while on the other side the software is making good money for you.

Who is the CEO Kyle Jenkins?


Is Ten Fold Finance a scam??

Yes Ten Fold Finance is a scam and this is why. Before we go any further, we discover that Kyle Jenkins is just an actor hired to promote the bogus application. If you take a closer look you will realise that he is reading from a script. Other actors have also been hired mostly from fiverr.com to endorse the same. We disregard the application and consider it a total scam. Let us look into other aspects that reveal the devil in the details of Kyle Jenkins’ Ten Fold Finance system.

Ten Fold Finance Results and Profits

Kyle Jenkins the alleged owner of Ten Fold Finance LTD claims that the applications can predict 7 accurate trades out of 10 which equates to 77%. This is false. 7% of 10 is equal to 70% not the 77% as the owner misleads the viewers of the footage. If simple mathematics is this hard to him what does he know about binary trading? This is enough to discredit him as a binary trader and call him a dwarf in matters binary trading.

Kyle Jenkins falsely misleads that he has helped many people earn over $80,000 monthly. There is no record of such a thing in their website neither has there been any person making such money by using the highly talked about application. He wants to be seen as a benevolent person esteemed to help others. Don’t be fooled, this is one of his many crude ways to make himself believable. Don’t fall to any of his tricks.

Ten Fold Finance application is said to generate $35,000 weekly. This is impossible. An application with 70% accuracy making $35,000 weekly from a staggering $250??? Mathematically is doesn’t add up. Be aware of the cooked numbers and stay away.

Ten Fold Finance Review

Fake Ten Fold Finance testimonials

The video footage goes ahead and brings along people to prove that the company has really helped many become rich. These people come in as witnesses of the software. We have discovered that these actors have been hired from fiverr.com. As a matter of fact these actor do many other acts for other scam companies. Some of these testimonials have been photoshopped and just pasted on an office background. Be aware of such fake testimonials trying to pull an act. There is a lady by the name Kelly, 38, who was a struggling waitress but now she says Kyle changed her life. We are so happy for her because even in BOT Plus 365 scam, the same lady’s life was changed by Jay Ross. This is definitely a happy, warm family of scammers. She likes putting her head sideways thinking you won’t discover her.

Ten Fold Finance Scam

Same woman, same lies

Ten Fold Finance Review

The investment firm Ten Fold Finance LTD does not exist. Yes it does not. Doing a Google search you only get negative results about the firm. Most sites consider it a scam so do we because of the solid evidence we have against the scrupulous firm. Stay away from it.

They are being pushy by putting up a fake time counter and saying that there are only few limited spaces before they all fill up. This is a way to make you sign up with them. Don’t and flee from their tricks.

The CEO is using fake identity. Searching the name Kyle Jenkins on social media bores no fruit. He is untraceable.

Conclusion on Ten Fold Finance Review

It has been 25 years since the internet was invented. Many people are taking advantage of the internet turning the world into a global village to exploit others. They come up with methods and systems to make you give them your money. Ten Fold Finance is one of many other such systems. Specifically made to steal from you. Be aware of such for they may come with other new systems to exploit you.

Hopefully we got to you in time and you didn’t fall for the Ten Fold Finance Scam. Don’t forget to visit our Trusted System page which will share any system we find that actually really makes you money.