100% Honest Spectrum 7 Review

Spectrum 7 Website: spectrum7.co

Spectrum 7 software is a new and very viral auto trading application. We have reason to believe that this is a scam software set to siphon money from unsuspecting users. The person orchestrating all this is one Derek Folsom. Folsom is assuring his viewers that they are in for millions as they will be making $1,560 at the end of each day and by the end of the month they will have raked in $100,000. Derek makes it sound like there is no catch. In fact he says that everything is totally free but the 100% Spectrum 7 review is here to show the checks and balances backed by facts. Read on.

Detailed Spectrum 7 Review Reveals The Truth

Derek talks about requiring 37 beta testers for his software. This is the second time he and his team are doing this. They first tried it out in 2015 and according to Derek, it was quite successful but now they wanted to move away from their private circles and get feedback from the general public because they would really like to know what you think about their software. Please do not swallow that crap.

Derek tries to make us relate with him and makes us see his human side by telling us how he is the son of a construction worker who sacrificed a lot to see him through college. He later became a software developer and has been working in that capacity for the last decade. We searched for this incredible story but unfortunately it does not exist.

The Spectrum 7 system operates using the Algo trading principle but it actually does that is what remains a mystery to date. Derek simply feeds us with pity party and optimism but does not go into the details of how his software works. This should ring a bell in your head already.

This is not an online application so you will have to download it into your device that is what we are told. Please you do not know what kind of ware you are dealing with.

Who is Derek Folsom??


Like all other scammers around the world, Derek Folsom is an invented character included in the script for scam actors. You see we do not even get to see the face of the so called Derek Folsom. This is simply voice acting at its best. So in short Derek just exists in the video and nowhere else. Do not fall for the crap that is included in the comment section where someone is asking why Derek did not use actors to promote his video. They put that there specifically for someone who would smell their fishy deal.

Spectrum 7 Results & Profits

It is alleged that this software can make between $8,000 and $16,000 monthly. This of course is not a high amount. At the same time when the video presentation starts, we are told that the software has the ability to make you $100,000 per month. One cannot fail to spot this great contradiction. At the same time this does not surprise us afterall scammers know nothing about trading so they simply cook up figures and forget that they initially started with a lie to lure you but they fail to sustain it.


Fake Spectrum 7 Testimonials

We actually had to laugh our heads off on this one. We saw one of our best “friends” on this scam giving his video testimonial. Okay he is not our friend it is just that this old guy seems to be the king of all fake testimonials. In fact when you see him in any video presentation, do not wait for our review, you better just start running. Yes you got it right, the old guy in glasses and he is always giving testimonials in his kitchen next to the kitchen cabinets. Well he is from Fiverr and it seems he is a top rated actor on the site. The couple you see are also hired from Fiverr.


Is Spectrum 7 a Scam??

Yes  Spectrum 7 is a scam and it’s a scam for all the reasons we have outlined above. Other scams you should avoid are Aurum Corp Tech, The Cash LoopHole and Click Money System.

Conclusion on Spectrum 7 Review

The Spectrum 7 system is nothing short of a scam. The voice acting , the Fiverr actors and even the lack of an explanation as to how the software works. People do not grow money on trees and it is therefore important to stay away from those who want you to think so.

Hopefully you have seen our Spectrum 7 review in time and you haven’t been caught by these scammers. please consider SHARING to help save others and If you are looking for real way to make money online then make sure you check out our Trusted List which we constantly update with what is working.