100% Honest Six Figure Method Review

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The Six Figure Method system is a binary options trading software developed by who knows who. This is because the name behind the software is the figment of a scammer’s imagination. The aim here is to cheat newbies in trading out of their hard earned money. All that is needed is that you sign up with only $250. Of course the word only must be used to make you feel like it is a very little amount of money to invest. What you do not know is that there are thousands of potential victims thinking the same. Of course this is the beginning of a very common sequel where money is drained from trading accounts. This review is objective in its approach. We bring you blunt facts so that in the end you are not a victim to these sorts of schemes. After all information is power.

Detailed Six Figure Method Review Reveals The Truth

The Six Figure Method scam system is based upon a strategy known as the Contrarian Investment. This is a strategy whereby when people are joining the bandwagon, it does the opposite so in short it is in contrary to what other systems are doing. Now the video presenter tells us how he copied this method from Carl Icahn, who allegedly is a well known investor. Now according to the video we are told that Carl Celian Icahn was born in February 16, 1963. He a business mogul, shareholder, investor, philanthropist and all those good things.
For those who are professional traders or even have enough experience, it is well known that you cannot trade in the opposite direction. That is unless you went to trade so as to keep on making losses. The rules are well laid down in binary options, if things are moving upward you take a call option when they go downward, you get a put option. That is the only way you can survive in this very risk but very lucrative business.

Anybody saying otherwise should not even dare be giving advice to beginners.

Who is Ray Fisher??

Six Figure Method

Ray Fisher is the alleged CEO of Six Figure Method. Well for all we know he is just a created character by the guys who scam people online. Why are we so convinced that Ray Fisher does not exist? Well because even Ray does not know he is a CEO, after all he is just a stock image retrieved from the internet. If Ray is not real, do you think the Six Figure Method app is? Of course not.

You see Ray does not have a Facebook account like his fellow millionaires. For a guy who relies on technology for a living, Ray seems to be living off the grid. No Facebook account. Not even a Twitter account. His followers would have been so proud of him. You see, Ray is acted out. His voice is actually a voice over narration. So we do not know who is who. We are dealing with ghosts and therefore Six Figure Method System is a ghostly venture. Watch out, you can never enter into business with a business entity that does not exist.

Six Figure Method Results & Profits

The first thing that hits you is that no sooner does the video load than do you realise that you are racing against time. You see you are told that there are only 60 spots remaining in your particular country so hurry up and sign up with $250. That is what happens even the next day. Pushy sales tactics.

Now the contradictory method cannot work with trading. For newbies this is unknown information but just understand that if the markets are going a certain way, trading the opposite of that direction will only bring losses. The services advertised are as fake as Ray himself.

Six Figure Method Review

Fake Six Figure Method Testimonials

What we see on this site are nothing more than fabricated lies. And once again Fiverr came to the rescue of the Six Figure Method scammers. Cheap actors and cheap lies. They have also added some stock photos. Everything sounds so good and for a moment you are in utopia. that is until you read objective reviews.

Six Figure Method Scam

Is Six Figure Method a Scam??

Yes just like Plenitude Formula and Click Money System the Six Figure Method is a scam and it’s a scam for all the reasons we have outlined above.

Conclusion on Six Figure Method Review

Look, you work hard, your money is the fruit of your labor, before you just deposit it to a ghostly venture that sounds too good, think twice. Six Figure Method is a scam, be warned.

Advice: Avoid the Six Figure Method as it is a big scam. If you are looking for real way to make money online then make sure you check out our Trusted List which we constantly update with what is working.