100% Honest Polygraph Millionaire Review

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Polygraph Millionaire is the newly launched and already viral auto-trading binary software. But beware it is a scam. The scam has continually gained a massive following today because of the pre-release curiosity its alleged developers were able to create through exaggerated marketing as well as the relatively unique, but still folly, website. These fraudulent activities are all meant to fool the online trade newbies. This review, however, seeks to expose why it is a scam despite the developer’s attempts to conceal this fact.

Detailed Polygraph Millionaire review reveals the truth

Polygraph millionaire’s biggest selling aspect has been the promise of over 89% profitability chance. The main video tutorial leads its victims to believe that the robot trader is programmed to earn them minimum guaranteed daily returns of $7,000 and no less than $498,562 monthly. It further promises that even the new entrants that the program will make them ‘millionaires’ in less than 90 days.  It is from this lie that they coin the scam program’s name; polygraph millionaire.

Who is the Polygraph Millionaire developer?

Polygraph Millionaire

Polygraph Millionaire scam is allegedly developed by Daniel Wilkins, a self-proclaimed binary trade expert with no solid background. Interestingly, Daniel is the same “developer” associated with the Lie Detector Millionaire scam launched earlier in the year and shamed all over the internet as a scam.

The reason this review boldly asserts that Daniel is just a paid actor borrows from the fact that he has no online or offline profile and that no one knows him on and off the said wall street.

Polygraph Millionaire Scam

Polygraph Millionaire Results & Profits

This scam review is nonetheless not just based on the alleged developer’s queer nature. Every aspect of what this crazy scam promises to offer as well as it coding has been put to the test and as you can imagine, the results are shocking. Before depositing a dime into this fraud, go through them here and see why you should either run or help spread the word on why everyone should avoid it.

Unrealistic profits

First, there is no guaranteed win in the binary trading platforms. The industry is marred by fluctuations. Even the most experienced traders with highest estimation levels of close to 80%, which is the highest any prediction tool can ever get, still get burned. This means that unless Polygraph Millionaire pays you from its own pockets, which is not even imaginable, you won’t get anything close to what they promise.

Polygraph Millionaire Results

There is nothing like overnight millionaires, at least not for everyone

Just like everyone anyone else, you are probably pulled into the binary trading software because of some powerful testimonies of insane monies people make every day. But no one tells you that it takes time to perfect the trade and estimation to gain such enormous amounts.

Daniel and fellow scams are oblivious to this fact and have, therefore, come up shady software fronted by enticing videos and false testimonies all telling you just what you would like to hear; that you will be a millionaire. But in the end, they will only take away your hard earned money and leave before you even know it.

Polygraph millionaire isn’t patented or registered

Additionally, when geniuses come with world changing algorithms, like polygraph millionaire binary system, the first things they do before releasing it to the world is register and patent it for security. But as you can imagine neither Daniel’s Polygraph Millionaire nor Lie detector millionaire systems are licensed or registered with any professional body. This makes it easy for them to sneak undetected and without a trace once they have collected enough from innocent newbie traders.

Fake Polygraph Millionaire Testimonials

It is shameful that these scams couldn’t be even a little decent with their folly creativity when coining their Polygraph millionaire scam testimonies. They lifted the same video script they used with the scammed lie detector millionaire in which a cheaply paid Fiverr actor masqueraded as a Californian “business-man” reaping millions from using the scam.

Is Polygraph Millionaire a Scam??

Yes, Polygraph Millionaire is a fraud. The above review highlights all the major reasons why it is just another typical scam. This has also been exposed on other trusted sites like Binary Options Watchdog and the Binary Options Governor.

Conclusion on Polygraph Millionaire Scam Review

The writing is on the wall; everything is now clear about polygraph millionaire being a scam. From the unrealistic guarantees, the elusiveness of developer, lack of clarity in the mode of operation, and falsified testimonies; you shouldn’t trust this software or its mobile application counterpart. Just like its fake testimony video, Polygraph millionaire is just an extended copy of the lie detector millionaire scam and be sure it will still evolve and be presented again with a different name and another false testimony soon.

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