100% Honest Shepard SDP Review

Shepard SDP Website: www.shepard-sdp.co

Shepard SDP is the latest entrant into the world of binary trading options. This auto-trading software, irrespective of the fact that it is a blatant scam, is already going viral thanks to its carefully crafted and misleading introductory video by Perry Shepard. The only aim of this software, just like many other scams developed and exposed before it, is to defraud innocent online traders off their hard earned cash. This review, however, seeks to expose every piece of misleading information brought forward by Shepard. Read on to see why you shouldn’t trust either the software or Shepard and why you shouldn’t invest even a nickel into the software.

Detailed Shepard SDP review reveals the truth

On the software website and all through the introductory video presentation, Perry promises depositors guaranteed daily returns running into thousands of dollars and a safe passage to the millionaires club. He claims that the software has never lost a trade as it constantly records a 100% win rate. He also adds that since the software is an auto trader, you won’t need any prior trading experience. Additionally, the alleged ‘developer’ claims that you stand double chance at winning since he has made an “arrangement” with investment brokers that will generously double up your initial deposit.

About the software CEO: Perry Shepard

perry shephard

Perry fronts himself as the CEO of the “small” Shepard SDP Company and the brains behind the development of the never-losing auto trading binary software. Nonetheless, all this self-praise is watered down by a quick search online that reveals nothing about the person. A person with so much experience and ability to come up with a never-losing binary trading option should by now be the talk of Wall Street. In fact, the only information available online about the alleged “CEO” is only connected to the Shepard SDP Scam.

Shepard SDP Results & Profits

Regrettably, everything Perry says about himself and the program are all lies and here is a fact-backed proof of all his claims and assertions.

The 100% win rate fallacy


If you have the slightest clue about binary options trade, this should be the first indicator that the program laying such claims is a fraud. Up to now, even the most seasoned Wall Street experts have not been able to come up with a foolproof trade selection method that can accurately predict trades. This is primarily based on the fact there is significant human influence that tends to defy robotic predictions.

The top up on initial investment fallacy

It is very uncommon for a genuine app developer to issue top up on customer deposits without mentioning the underlying conditions. But if you are keen on the presentation, you will note that Perry doesn’tclearly state what is on the sweet deal for both the investor and the trader. Therefore, beware that this is just an enticement meant to lure you into placing a significant initial deposit.

Guaranteed daily returns fallacy

Everyone wants to become a millionaire or not have to work another day and still have all they need in life. Perry understands this and, therefore, uses the guaranteed daily returns fallacy to lure you further into investing into his fraudulent scheme before it vanishes without a trace.

Faked Website

Every genuine binary options trading software is professionally designed and contains all the information users may need to authenticate it such as physical address and direct contact details. Such websites are also proud of their algorithms and don’t shy away to explain their patenting and what set them apart from the rest. But you will not find any of such information in this cheaply designed Shepard SDP website. Neither will you find the information about their company’s physical address of copyright claims for their software. Perry just wants to trust his word.

Fake Shepard SDP testimonials

These testimonies presented here by Perry are just carefully scripted and played out by pre-coached and paid actors. He says that they are millionaire beta testers while the domain age checker reveals that the system is barely three months old since registration.

Is Shepard SDP a Scam?

Yes based on expert evaluation of all its claims and performance as outlined above, Shepard SDP is a scam that shouldn’t be trusted. He even goes ahead to give himself false association to global magazines and newspapers. Of course he has put them in a hidden format.


Conclusion on Shepard SDP review

Nothing about Shepard SDP Company or its alleged owner adds upor falls close to the operations of the Binary Options trade. The information in the company site and probably its software coding are meant only to entice you into depositing your hard earned cash without any returns. Don’t expect to make anything from this auto trading scam; you only stand to lose your money and privacy by joining subscribing to registering as their trader.

Advice: Stay away from Perry Shepard and his Shepard SDP SCAM

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Hopefully you have seen our review in time and you haven’t become another victim of this devious scam. If you are looking for options to make money online don’t forget to check out our Trust System List which we keep updated with anything that can genuinely make your money.