Scam Alert: Navstar Trader System Review exposes the Scam by Ethan Harrington!

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Navstar Trader System is a fresh and viral binary signal trading software created and founded by a certain Mr. Ethan Harrington who seems to have a lot to say. The bogus promises and claims made and the average profits are mindboggling. To be very frank, everything inside Navstar Trader website and production sounds quite unrealistic. In this Navstar Trader app review, find out why you should not bother investing any money with this unreliable service and copy cat app.

Introduction to the Navstar Trader Scam

Upon visiting the official webpage of Navstar I found a guy by the name Ethan Harrington who claimed to be the alleged owner, CEO, a self made millionaire and an ex employee of NASA where he worked as a technical expert on Nasa Navstar GPS Satellite covert program. What a load of bullshit! With the help of his friend, Zach, Ethan came up with the idea of deploying the same satellite technology used by NASA, military in an automated trading app. Throughout  the 30 minute plus presentation I found several things that just don’t add up or make sense at all.

Results From Our Navstar Trader Review

I have to say that the alleged owner of Nav Star Trader is a freshly hired actor whose job is to execute this lame presentation and con you out of your money. All his claims that he a respected millionaire and an ex Nasa employee are lies. My efforts to trace more information about him on the internet returned nothing further putting the identity and the reputation of this loser millionaire on the line. To me Ethan is nothing but an imposter, a serial liar feeding people with fake incentives hell-bent on defrauding them


During my Investigation I discovered that Navstar Trader is a clone of an older scam that goes by the name GPS Trader that caused massive losses amongst day traders a few weeks ago. Except for a newly recruited actor and a couple of edited sentences, the presentation video and the story line is the same. Safe to say the people behind the GPS Trader are the same crooks behind the Navstar Trader looking for a second round of deception. The nasa claims from the first scam must have worked well for them as they are back with the same BS here.

I have to say it’s very difficult for to stomach the lies presented by Ethan in his pathetic presentation and promises. His claims that his system can make you at least $22k by tomorrow morning guaranteed makes me wonder if this lunatic has gone insane again. It’s not just unrealistic but illogical for someone who claims to have worked at NASA to say that his shitty software can spit such amount of money from thin air.!!! Even claims that his software can make at least $900 in just 4 minutes upon account activation should be cast to the bottomless pits of hell. Such claims need to be eradicated from binary trading marketplace for good as this gives the whole industry a bad name when people come in with these crazy expectations.

Navstar Fake Guarantee

Sadly, the whole narrative of Ethan Harrington and his made up friend Zach on how this app works leaves a lot to be desired. His explanation on how this system works has nothing to do with binary trading at all. As is often with new trading scams of late, NavStar too has a dedicated a section on its page for social testimonials. Some of testimonials claim that they are buying Rolexes and rolling around with Bughatis thanks to the Navstar system but sadly these live testimonials are a fake. You should be aware that live social feeds are clickable and get updated by the minute which is not the case with this trading app. Besides some of the images of Navstar testimonials have been stolen and used without owners consent.

Along with all the BS that Ethan tells us they also through in a fake Facebook news-feed for good measure as unfortunately alot of people believe everything they see on Facebook. This news-feed is just another fake.

Navstar Trader Review

Further his claims that Ethan and his dummy system are accepting are only taking in 50 users  to join their system where already 26 of them have so far joined is a lie. Don’t be fooled with this pressure tactic commonly used by scammers to persuade people to depositing without a second thought before recognizing they are being ripped off when it’s too late. If you go back to the site in 10 days it will still be the exact same with limited spaces and only 50 free spots available.

NavStar Trader Scam Conclusion

From my review it’s clear that Nav Star Trader by Ethan Harrington is a money stealing app that is cloned from an already blacklisted software. Ethan Harrington is a loser millionaire and a two faced scammer whose invitations and emails should be deleted or ignored. From the bad acting to the insane crazy promises and guarantees this needs to be avoided.

Verdict: In summary our Navstar Trader Review says run a mile from these scammers

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