Money Glitch by David Matthews and Selena Fairbrother is a horrible scam

Today I have to quickly warn you and the entire binary trading community of a very pathetic, lousy and viral trading scam by the name The Money Glitch hawked by a semi naked woman, Selena Fairbrother and the unidentified owner, David Matthews. From what I hear this terrible scam is already responsible for wrecking havoc and mind boggling losses to those who have already tried it. Before you dare visit Money Glitch website please read my honest review and see why you should never invest any money with them

The Money Glitch Details:

Ceo: David Matthews
Presenter: Selena Fairbrother
Scam Website:

After stepping on the official webpage of Money Glitch I have to say everything from their video presentation, time counters and widgets, testimonials along with their website is not that impressive. Seems the website was quickly created by a newbie plus the whole thing is saddled with inconsistencies and scam tactics. Likewise the whole website layout and appearance resembles two other scams released a couple of months ago. Zulander Method and Mockingbird Method both caused mayhem amongst day traders with defective performances and in ability to honor the promised results. Continue reading my review exposing incriminating evidence.

More Details From Our Money Glitch Review

Shameless, Selena Fairbrother has the guts to claim that Money Glitch software has the ability to mint $2000 in just 4 minutes daily. This is inconsistent to what they have indicated in their crappy site; the ability of Money Glitch to mint $2000 under 3 hours. The further claim that money glitch can convert $5 to $569,231 in under two weeks is pure horse manure and bullshit. According to expert binary traders this is impossible and unfeasible not even with the best tried and tested binary trading software’s.

Money Glitch Actress

According to Selena Fairbrother their terrible and dummy software has been in service for around 78 weeks making them millions of dollars in the process but a quick check on the domain for the money glitch website was only registered in March this year. The question is; where were they trading from for the other 70 weeks? The assertion that money glitch system and auto trader has never lost a trade is a farce. Ridiculous outburst like the money glitch has the ability to exploit and manipulate controversial glitches in financial market leaves me wondering whether Selena is sane. Don’t bother listening to such unqualified and bogus statements

Although the whole crap and lousy presentation is done by Selena Fairbrother, the founder and owner of Money Glitch, David Matthews is never revealed to us instead we are shown his picture which sadly is a stock photo used in other websites not related to binary trading. I wonder why we are being lied to on the origin of Money Glitch software and the existence of its founder.

Money Glitch David Matthews

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The amount of bogus promises and scam attributes present in the Money Glitch app and presentation are unbelievable. And even though the tactics are overused by sham gimmicks, the amount of harm they have brought for new day traders is immense. The claim that only 20 positions are available is false and misleading. The fact of the matter is that Glitch scam system is being promoted globally. This is a frantic attempt to pose as a localized offer in order to make investors believe they have been chosen for beta testing this phony software. Scarcity counters, a favorite trick for scammers are also employed to great length to insinuate that only 2 positions are left. This is also another attempt to force people to quickly deposit money before they realize they are getting scammed. Interestingly no matter how many times you refresh your browser or visit this scam site the numbers will not change

Conclusion From The Money Glitch Review

From my research and investigation of this malicious, scandalous, sagacious and misleading system I have not found anything genuine or reliable. The truth of the matter is that Money Glitch system is riddled and saddled with dirty and scummy tactics designed to rip you off clean and dry. I take this opportunity to warn you not to sign up or deposit money with them

Verdict: Money Glitch by David Mathew and Selena Fairbrother is a hideous scam