100% Honest Mobile Binary Code Review

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The Mobile Binary Code software is a new and very viral auto trading system that promises 100% winning rates. How does it work? Well according to the CEO of Mobile Binary Code Capital, Howard Kessler, their software is smart enough to predict trades that will occur in the future. This the software does by measuring the sentiment levels of a trader through the collection of information from mobile phones. Howard Kessler says that they have not made any losses in the last three months while his beta testers were making atleast $12,000 daily and yet the investment deposited was not much.

Detailed Mobile Binary Code Review Reveals The Truth

First and foremost you land on the home page, what you find are promises of milk and honey courtesy of Howard Kessler’s Mobile Binary Code system. The first promise is that you will be raking in $2000 on the lower side and $5000 on the higher side with the system. Howard also lets you know that his software is free of charge and that you do not have to pay a thing.

Howard Kessler wants you to believe in the Mobile Binary Code system scam. He wants you to know that this is not a scam because he has worked with traders at Wallstreet and programmers to ensure that his system is fail proof but is it?

Who is Howard Kessler?


So who is Howard Kessler? Well the guy we see in the video promoting the Mobile Binary Code is an actor paid to bombard you with lies and false promises. Is there proof that the guy in the video is an actor? Yes if you read my review of the Profits Unlimited scam then you will definitely recall this guy. His name is Oscar Manson from  freedigitalphotos.net.

Is Mobile Binary Code a Scam??

Yes Mobile Binary Code is a scam and here is why. First and foremost Howard Kessler or whoever he is, is non-existent. This is because the guy in the Mobile Binary Code system video also goes by the name Larry Landers in the Profits Unlimited Scam. No one has ever heard of Howard Kessler but he tries to fool us it is because he is a rich quiet guy who does not like being in the limelight. But even so, we know of billionaires who do not love the limelight but still we know that they exist. The same guy who drained people’s pockets as Larry Landers is back with a new script. What we see is a paid actor who is the face of two very serious and dangerous scams.

MBC Howard Kessler

On Mobile Binary Code system website, there is a section that contains positive reviews from well-known news sites for instance Forbes and CNN. Question is, don’t you think someone who has been recommended by CNN or Forbes would have been heard of and all over Google? These are just falsified reviews and are aimed to fool you into believing the lies you are being told.

What about the beta testers, they have been making good money, right? Unfortunately many people have been fooled by pictures of people claimed to be previous users of the software who made millions but actually most of these images are stolen from the internet and given fake names.

Mobile Binary Code Results & Profits

One characteristic of every scam online is exaggerated figures. This is to lure you into their trap. Novice traders are the ones who fall victim to these dirty tricks. You should be alert. There is no such thing as a 100% accuracy ratio in trading not even with auto trading you cannot make $2000 daily. You are being seduced into a hell hole.

You are also promised a bonus when you deposit $100. Howard Kessler is philanthropic enough to match up your deposit to speed up your profits. For an inexperienced trader, this is not the direction to take. If you fall for the bonus trick then you will have to adhere to other terms especially when it comes to withdrawals. You will have to accumulate a certain amount before you can be allowed to withdraw your cash. So the broker keeps all your cash until he says you can have them.

Fake Mobile Binary Code Testimonials

So there are beta testers on the site claiming to have been making a kill thanks to Howard Kessler’s Mobile Binary Code system. Now search the images on Google and you will see that these faces are common on several online adverts.



Howard Kessler says his company has been around for months but Who.is, a reputable domain checking site says the opposite. The system is barely two months old.

Conclusion on Mobile Binary Code Review

There are just too many lies that they cannot be mistaken for coincidences. The same scam tactics are at play here and the best thing to do is not to indulge Howard Kessler and his group of scammers because Mobile Binary Code oozes nothing but scam. That is the verdict when it comes to the Mobile Binary Code Review.

Hopefully you were able to read our review before joining up with this scam. At ConfirmedScams we try our best to warm people off all the scams we find. Please consider sharing to help us get the word out about the Mobile Binary Code Scam.

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