100% Honest Insured Trading Review

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Insured Trading App is a new and very viral auto trading application highly talked about by its owner. The actor in the video wants you to imagine a life of luxury with his every statement. How the Insured Trading App System works is not explain logically. This are empty words and investing in the application will yield to nothing. Avoid all his tricks and disregard his manipulative statements for he is a scam just like in his previous video presentation using the name Insured Outcome.

Insured Trading App Review Reveals the Truth

The Insured Trading Software offers astounding promises as long as you use their application to conduct your binary trading. They guarantee unending financial success. Among other promises include the following:

You can join even if you don’t know anything about the application. They have given even normal people the chance to be millionaires. It doesn’t matter where you come from, all you need to do is download the app and there you go, you are a millionaire. The application is offered freely. You don’t have to invest in buying it. Download it for free and start making unending profits daily for life.

Are you s bored of all this BS as I am by now??

Insured Trading App has two modes. Manual and automatic. This means that depending on the schedule you have you can set it at whichever mode you want. You can set it to automatic mode and go on with your other important activities while the system is busy making good money for you. You don’t have to struggle to make money, just at the comfort of your convenience.

The application is efficient and always accurate. You don’t have to be afraid of making any loses for the application has already taken care of that. It all the time without fail make good profits for you.

In the video, the alleged owner says that he made 17 people millionaires in a period of 58 days. He wants you to be a part of the many millionaires he makes within such a short period of time. Out of his good heart and kindness he wants others to be stinking rich just like him. He is asking you to better hurry and be in the same club of rich and financially free people.

The owner promises to give $1000 of a bonus to anyone who goes through the video. He wants you to know that it is easy to get money from him. He is convincing you to go through the video and get the presented information correctly so that you can make an informed decision and at the end make more money with his efficient application.

The actor boldly claims that because of  his success of creating millions and millionaires within a very short period of time he was featured and honoured in the CNN website. He is saying that due to his effort and expertise in wealth creation he was recognised by an international media outlet company making himself credible and trustworthy among anyone ready to venture into binary trading but if you search CNN you wont find any mention of him anywhere.

Video by The Binary Options Governor Exposing the scam

Who is the CEO Oliver Breitner?

Oliver Breitner is a complete unknown in the trading world and is nothing more than an actor hired by the scammers behind the Insured Trading Scam to be the face of this money stealing operation.

Scam Artist

Is Insured Trading App a scam??

Yes Insured Trading App is a scam and this is why. Oliver Breitner, the alleged owner and mind behind creation of the application has also been seen promoting Insured Outcome, another binary option trading software which was a scam too. Therefore he is an actor hired to endorse the non-existing companies and inefficient applications. Avoid his words for all he says is a big lie. We explored the following other aspects about the application and the owner that confirms they are both scams:

Insured Trading App Results and Profits

The owner claims that in the past 3 months he made 17 people clean millionaires. Searching from common places such as CNN business and BBC there is no such story. He is cooking up numbers in his head to attract newbies in the industry under question. He is a mere liar and should not be trusted with your money at any cost.

Oliver Breitner falsely states that the software can never lose even a single trade, just wins and very big wins. One is able to make $18,000 a day. Traders who have been in the binary trading industry will disregard these statements because it is impossible to make such an amount in a day. What!! $18,000 in a day, is never going to happen. Again, just winning and never losing, is just impossible. Don’t be fooled by these cooked figures.


The actor says that he made the $50,000,000 investment from his accurate application. It uses unique algorithm all the time to make winning predictions. Form the accuracy of the software he was able to generate hundreds of millions from the initial investment he made. No system can be that accurate to make all time right predictions. Oliver Breitner claims to come from a very rich family, a search on social media about him and his family proves that he is a liar. So where could he have found the $50, 00000?? He is only rich in words. Don’t believe a single word from him. He is a scammer.

Insured Trading Scam

Fake Insured Trading App testimonials

People claiming to have benefited from the system are just paid actors, reading from scripts. These are just false witnesses. They say of how they have made millions but when you look closer at them they are reading what they are saying or had been coached to say what they are saying. Don’t fall for these false testimonials who act as endorsers. They are in partnership with Oliver Breitner who is nothing but a scanner.

Conclusion on Insured Trading App Review

All the figures in the video have been cooked and anybody talking positive about the application is an act hired to endorse it. Don’t be fooled by any of these. Keep your money away from these pests and scammers. Just like The Dubai Lifestyle App, Centument Project and Bot Plus 365 we are back to conclude that Insured Trading is just another scam you need to avoid.

hopefully you found this truthful review before signing up with the scam and losing your money. We rarely recommend anything and if we ever find anything that does actually make us money we will add all the details to our Trusted System List