Undeniable proof: Ice 9 Technology review by Aaron and John Farraday is a rip off, fraud and scam

Folks as we approach the end of May, please be very alert and remind your family and friends that we are presently in the peak rip off, fraud and scam season. The scammers are busily and happily creating phony binary trading systems and filling our emails with lures and baits of all types. This morning I have just been informed about a very dangerous and viral binary trading software by the name of Ice 9 Technology (what an awkward name) that promises to make you a millionaire in under a month and unfortunately my review has uncovered several misleading facts, claims and features that you should pay attention to before you invest your hard earned money in this binary auto trader .The who video presentation and Ice 9 website is  stacked with allegations of  stealing, cheating and outright scamming . But I will spare you and just say-again-just be careful out there

My Review on Ice 9 Technology

On the surface of Ice 9 technology system and website, you would think you are dealing with a very legitimate and reputable service but on a second look you will notice that the whole system closely resembles Neo2 (a legitimate and reliable service launched two months ago). I think the charlatans behind Ice 9 technology wanted to cash on the success of Neo2 by duping traders that Ice 9 Technology is a sister to Neo2. The sad truth is that the moment you deposit your money with Ice 9 Technology you will lose your money and your account will get blocked.

Ice9 Technology Review

The claims that you will make at least $4900 a day with the Ice 9 auto trader guaranteed should not make you salivate. You do not need a conspiracy theorist to know that such unrealistic promises don’t hold any water in the binary trading scene. The fact is that the market is highly influenced by many variables which mean there are no guarantees on what you can earn. Although we are told that Ice 9 technology software can spit profits like clockwork, we are not told how it does that. The only explanation given by Aaron is that this software`s signals are generated after the system analysis news instantly and then relies on superfast servers to process data even before the super computers of Wall Street can do so. To me this is just a lie that even a class two dropout cant fall out for even on April fool’s day

Further in between the presentation we are being informed as if we are dummies that data is fed into Google search engine forty five minutes right after financial news is out. I’m not sure how this works even after you take into consideration the 45 minutes delay. If indeed that this dummy app could process data faster than any other system out there, I think we wouldn’t be talking of 45 minutes delay.


With all their wealth of trading experience and success I also found it unusual that the people behind Ice 9 technology, Aaron and John Farraday are unknown in the binary trading arena and there is no information anywhere about them, not even on the internet. Their claims that they grew up in Silicon Valley is bogus. Secondly the whole crap Ice 9 software is a clone of similar software used in many scamming activities in the past

Bizarrely Ice 9 technology is riddled with fake time counters and widget meant to force you sign up and fund your account without a second thought. I warn you in advance not to fall for such spineless and pressure tactics.

Conclusion on Ice 9 Technology Review

Let’s face it. The whole ice9 technology system and production is a total joke. Don’t be folled into thinking that it will analyze the markets on your behalf and don’t think for a second that it has any algorithm to pick financial news from global financial portals. Expecting that you`ll make a decent living off this crap auto trader will turn out to be very expensive indeed. Don’t quit your day job as there is nothing in this useless piece of junk Ice 9 software

Verdict: Ice 9 technology is a terrible scam you need to avoid

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