Exxa wallet is the latest super wallet that the internet is buzzing about so after many requests its time for an honest EXXA network wallet review.

In this EXXA wallet review I will give my opinion on whether EXXA network wallet is a scam or a real way for you to make money passively online. The main areas we will look at with this review on Exxa is what they are offering, the team behind EXXA network, are the products real, does it seem too good to be true and finally is EXXA wallet just another cryptocurrency wallet scam?

My Exxa Wallet Video Review

What is EXXA Wallet?

EXXA wallet is the latest in a list of super or AI wallets that says they will automatically trade your bitcoin or other cryptocurrency for you and pay you a daily profit. We have seen other wallets such as WoToken and Plus Token offer similar claims and they ended up been scams. The biggest one online right now is Cloud Token so we can’t talk about AI wallets without mentioning them and there is a connection between Cloud Token and EXXA wallet which I will get to shortly.

At its core all these wallets say you can deposit your crypto and get paid to Hold with them. The way they claim to pay you is by trading your Crypto and making gains which they pay to you. Different wallets also offer other features as well. For EXXA wallet they offer trading through their DEVO+ bot, travel deals (which hasn’t launched as I write this review) and an academy which still hasn’t launched but they released info about it at the launch event last weekend.

Autotrading through DEVO+ AI Bot

This is the part that has everyone interested in EXXA which is advertised as paying out between 5% – 12% a month on the crypto that you deposit to your EXXA wallet. The returns are paid to you in EXXA tokens which you can covert to ETH at any time and withdraw. The min to get started in DEVO+ is $300 in the crypto of your choice BTC, ETH, USDt. What I like about this is that if you deposit BTC your funds remain in BTC and are not converted into FIAT at that time, this means that if you want to withdraw your funds at any time you will get back the same amount of BTC or ETH (minus blockchain transaction fee) that you deposited into the platform.

Is there proof of EXXA wallet DEVO+ trading? As of right now I haven’t personally seen the trading first hand. I have seen a video from a prelaunch event where Francis Ew one of the founders is showing people at the event the live trading on his laptop. I have also spoke to people who have visited the offices and seen the trading. I will still be pushing to see it first hand myself as I am only ever 100% convinced when I see it with my own eyes.

I have deposited BTC into the platform to test and tracked the transactions on the blockchain and can see that the funds I deposited did end up been sent to the Binance exchange which is a good sign that they are sending the funds in to be traded.

After I deposited my funds they were first sent to – 178JB4HJe6jLwcHbTV6jxB3CogPy61SV2v

Then – 1J5bjixvjYYovfzrFiLiNmdrV6FQMwydqK

and finally 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s which is a known publicly known Binance BTC address and it is standard for any funds you deposit to Binance to get sent to an address like this.

EXXA Digital Academy

The academy will be run by KC SEE who isn’t a founding member of EXXA but has partnered with them to provide the academy training. This is a good move by the company and give more legitimacy to EXXA Network as KC See is a very well know trainer and author who you can check out on Linkedin here.

KC SEE speaking about the EXXA Academy at the EXXA Wallet launch event

Once the full structure and training and is added to the academy I will add more info here.

EXXA Travel

EXXA will be providing a travel portal with competitive savings on a wide range of worldwide destinations and experiences. You will be able to enjoy exclusive rates lower than online travel agencies thanks to their direct connections with suppliers. You will also be able to use the EXXA tokens you earn through the platform to pay for your holidays and travel.

Crypto Payment Terminal

EXXA have also partnered with iBanco to create a crypto payment system which provides a payment terminal which is PCI and DSS compliant. In short any merchant or store will be able to accept crypto payments through the terminal and they will receive their preferred currency i their bank whether it is USD, EUR or something else. You can here from Jason Kong of iBanco below as he explains more about the payment system

EXXA Network Team

This is important as with some wallets in the past the team has been hidden so there was no accountability on them. With EXXA wallet they are very upfront about who is behind this project and they are all very successful people who bring alot of experience.

The company is also registered in Singapore under the registration number 200304464M.

Their head office is located at 360 Orchard Road #06-07 International Building S238869 which you will have also seen in the videos from the pre-launch and the main launch events.

The 3 main members of the team are:

Danny Pang – Founder

Danny is also the CEO of AXXA Global which is a very well known health and wellness company also based in Singaphore. You can check them out here – https://axxaglobal.com/about-us/

Francis Aw EXX Wallet

Francis Aw – Co-Founder

Francis is the one that brings alot of technical experience and he is also COO of SQ2 Fintech which is the company that developed the AURAE blockchain tech that EXXA Wallet is built on.

SQ2 Fintech – https://www.aurae.io/
Aurae – https://www.aurae.io/

Gregory Ang EXXA Wallet

Gregory Ang – Co-Founder

Gregory is the founder of GangTV and has been instrumental in planning the business operations, marketing initiatives, delivery, and distribution of channels across the region. He has been integral in bringing Discovery Channel, ESPN, Hallmark Channel, The Food Network HD, Sundance Channel, WE tv, KMTV, AMC Networks International Fashion One TV, Fashion 4K, and Videofashion News 4K to millions of living rooms in Asia Pacific.

How You Earn Money with EXXA Wallet

There are 2 ways for you to earn funds with EXXA network wallet. The first is the 100% passive way which is by depositing your crypto into the DEVO+ bot and letting it pay you out daily trading profits. The second is by building a team in EXXA where you will be paid a commission every time they earn. I will leave a screenshot of the compensation plan below for you to go over. If you do decide to build a team it could be very lucrative on that side. Building a team and sharing the app with others is not required and you will still earn your daily rewards for funds deposited into DEVO+ whether you build a team or not.

EXXA Wallet compensation plan

Video Overview From EXXA Wallet Launch Event

Is EXXA Wallet a SCAM?

When I first seen this smart AI Wallet I started this EXXA Wallet review to prove that it was a scam but I ended up been convinced that it could be real. So much so that I ended up putting my own funds into the platform and I am considering making a bigger investment into it now as well and building a team. Does this mean that it is 100% not a scam? In short no but I have seen enough to think this could be the real deal and be a great way for people to earn passively. The final icing on the cake will be when I can see the trading first hand and I may plan a trip to Singapore later this year for that.

How to Get Started

I will make a full post about this but in short if you want to join you need to download the app from the play store or apple store and sign up using an invite code. My own invite code if you want to join my team and help support my efforts to expose online scams is:

Invite / Referral Code: