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EverGreen Formulla software is a new and viral auto-trading system. So much has been said about it by the endorsers who are probably pulling an act for cyber criminals and hackers behind the scenes. This system is a clone of its predecessor GreenWood Formulla. The video previously used to lure newbies to trade using their software is the same used in EverGreen Formulla. Same lies and numbers that never add up to what they claim. The owners of the scam want it to be believable and seem legitimate which is never going to happen. They should stop doing this for their wishes are impossible for we are going to expose their fraudulent and scandalous errands in our factual review below.

Detailed EverGreen Formulla Review reveals the Truth

EverGreen Formulla System Review Scam is  here to expose a recycled scam. Repeating what they did previously but this time under a different name.

Jake Orton the alleged CEO of this scam highly talks of the capacity of the software to work miracles for you. He is more than willing to pay you off $10,000 if the application doesn’t work as expected. The software is expected to make for you $100,000 in a month. So if this doesn’t happen you have $10,000, courtesy of Jake. Sincerely speaking who is willing to pay off that amount when he himself is paid meagerly to pull an act. Don’t even bother to know more about him, he is a scammer, nothing more.

Jake is calling himself a Good Samaritan, helping others to make money and gain their financial freedom. He will make you a millionaire even before you know it. Really? He should help himself before helping others. From the video, we notice that everything he uses is hired, not by him but by his employers. He only knows of staged luxury and he himself is a staged millionaire. Don’t try to listen to this poor fellow who doesn’t have a single idea of how real luxury tests.

The EverGreen Formulla System software is said to be free, you won’t spend a dime on it. This is a fat lie. After downloading the software you are supposed to deposit $250 as you initial investment. Here he is trying to play lame tricks. The money deposited will vanish and indeed you will surely know that cheap is expensive. Pull off from this scammer to avoid later regrets.

Who is CEO Jake Orton?

Evergreen Formulla Review

Jake is just an actor hired to endorse the scam. He is nowhere to be found on social media. He has no contact, you can’t find him neither can he be traced. He is a character in the video. Everything he does is in a script including the luxurious things.

EverGreen Formulla Results and Profits

In the first one month you are guaranteed to make $10,000 from just an initial deposit of $250. If you don’t get the $100,000 in that month which has never happened as said by testimonials you will be paid $10,000. Mere lies from hired actors. You can’t be paid by a broke fellow, as is the case of Jake Orton.

Evergreen Formulla Review

Steven Eartrum an alleged member EverGreen Formulla made profits of over $700,000 from an initial deposit of $1500. This is an astounding amount. Cooked by the alleged CEO to please you and imagine on how to spend the hundreds of thousands made. Steven Eartrum is not a member nor knows anything about EverGreen Formulla. After doing a thorough search about the name we found out that he is a French engineer.

Fake EverGreen Formulla Testimonials

From the video we notice that there are several testimonials, males and females. These alleged testimonials started from scratch with deposits as little as $250. They reaped big money and now they are leading stress-free lives. All these are hired amature actors from Fiverr.com. They do this for only $5. How comes they are millionaires who earn millions monthly when they lie to get $5? These people’s lives have not changed and you can’t benefit from depositing your money with these goons.

Evergreen Formulla Scam

There are pictures on the website acting as testimonials. Searching on the internet we find out that these are stock images taken without the consent of persons on the image. They fix random numbers on these people’s images and call them profits made in a day or a month. Who does this when he is legit? This is unprofessional and a crime putting this organization out of the picture of a legitimate binary option trading method. Ignore their nuisance emails and be safe with your wisely and genuinely earned money.

Evergreen Formulla Testimonials

Is EverGreen Formulla a Scam?

Yes, EverGreen Formulla is a real Scam. Everything said in the video presentation is impossible and said out of the owners convenience not that of the investor. Be good to yourself by staying away from this Scam.

Conclusion on EverGreen Formulla Review

From the thorough research done above we can conclude that this system is a money making scheme for the owners not for you. They want to steal your money as soon as you deposit it. Be wise and heed to our legit review. Just like Dubai Lifestyle App and Insured Trading the Evergreen Formulla is a scam.

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