100% Honest Electoral Profits Review

Electoral Profits Website: electoralprofits.com

Electoral Profits software is a new and very viral auto-trading app claimed to help traders make $120.374 this election season. According to a video narration by the claimed CEO of Electoral profits Daniel Walters, this is a monster-trading app tailored to guarantee traders endless winning streak regardless of factors that affect binary trades as elections. However, this is apparently a cheap scam introduced into binary options market to make a fortune for this scammer out of this election season. We did a close review to unearth the trickery being used by this scammer to lure you into a money-losing trap.

Detailed Electoral Profits Review Reveals The Truth

Electoral Profits app scam is all about lies and unrealistic promises as we are talking about binary trading. This software is said to generate traders uncompromised income, thanks to combined efforts by the owner and his team of engineers to give you an astonishing 8 wins out of every 10 trades, that is 80%. This sounds quite logical, but it is contradictory with another statement in the same video that this software is risk free (100%) and another one talking about 500% guarantee in returns. So, which of the three is true?


Again, Mr Daniel promises to give $10,000 to any trader who fails to make the advertised profits of $120.374. This is in every sense a tactic to affirm his claim to guarantee these profits, but it is a lie anyway, since there is no any company that would go to that extent just because its traders could not achieve the promised profits.

There is also something more sinister about the said software. You will find it funny that this app is capable of executing trades seven days a week. This scammer is very proud of acclaiming that his software can guarantee profits in trades 24/7. This is where you get to notice cheap scammers without any knowledge about auto trading. Binary trades are operated on weekdays only and that is a known fact. Therefore, you can tell from the very aspect that this software is not legit.

Who is  Daniel Walters??

The owner and CEO of Electoral Profits is one Daniel Walters, who does not show his face in his pitch video. He claims to have developed this software over the last ten years, working with the best engineers the world over. However, this scammer proves to be untrustworthy by the fact that he does not have the guts to face users and engage them face to face. He opts to use a narration video, which betrays his weird motives.

Electoral Profits Results & Profits

Electoral profits app is said to be special software in the market that outsmarts all the others to hit untold profits, with an amazing accuracy, thanks to the long time and high profile engineers involved in its development. However, the profits being talked about in this marketing video are questionable. First things first, making a whopping $6500 per day is far from reality in binary trading. This is an indication of a cheap scam.


Fake Electoral profits Testimonials

To make matters even worse, this scammer goes for hired actors to back up his claims about the effectiveness of his software. He has a choice of going for cheap Fiverr.com actors for hire who would talk about almost everything at a cheap pay of $5. This move totally brings his system to its knees despite all the fabricated lies to make it seem real. There is no point in going for hired testimonials if he is sure about what he is giving his clients.


Is Electoral Profits a Scam??

Yes, Electoral Profits is a big scam, from our in-depth research and for all the reasons we have outlined above, we have no doubt concluding that this is a scam. We have seen quite a number of scammers come up with all types of tricks to get innocent traders unawares and we can confidently say that this is among the many schemes out there that are bringing binary options industry down.

Conclusion on Electoral Profits Review

There are all sorts of fabricated lies, nonsense timing of electoral season and other deceptive claims about this app. The lack of confidence in the owner and his untrustworthy testimonials qualifies this app as a scam. Our review has it all in the open, there is nothing close to legit software here, and this is just another scam on the loose. We can only advice traders to keep off this ploy and keep their money safe.