100% Honest Dubai Lifestyle App Review

Offical Website: dubailifestyleapp.com

The Dubai Lifestyle App is a new and very viral auto-trading scam software doing the rounds on the internet. This review aims to expose the investment scam which is made just to steal your hard earned money. It is fake and extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. The actor in the video together with the stories are just fetched all over the internet. Some newbies have fallen victim to the nasty scheme. The money stolen from victims is shared with lousy brokers who at the end have no money to payout for the profits so much guaranteed in the video. We are here to warn and ask you to flee from this scandalous Dubai Lifestyle App system and avoid being the victims.

Detailed Dubai Lifestyle App Review Reveals the Truth

Dubai Lifestyle System promises so much and talks about strategies that always win and never lose in auto-trading mode using the application. Dubai Lifestyle App promises and offers the following:

The actor in the video says that he only came with $500 from Iowa and a dream to materialize. He further says that he met with the Mahmood brothers who happen to be millionaires and they funded his dream with a total of $430000. From the funds he was able to hire programmers and worked on his system and after 6 months the application achieved efficiency of 99.8% in auto-trading. Here he is guaranteeing the clients efficiency and accuracy from the application thus never lose any trade.

Dubai Lifestyle App promises to ease your method of money making and says you won’t have to work as hard as you used to in your normal job as you will make up to $77000 per month which is just crazy.

The lifestyle application thoroughly analyses data and gives you the informative information you need to win online trades is what we are told but really this means nothing as they don’t give us any insight into how their system really works.

The Dubai Lifestyle App success is unmatched to any other binary trading systems online or so we are told. Here the actor is saying that Dubai Lifestyle App System is the best and will achieve the highest success compared to the rest.

You don’t need to have the online trading knowledge to work with the app. All you need is download the app and start making money. You will make ground breaking profits because the algorithm of the application is to precision of profit making.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money just $250 and the application will do the magic of making the profit. You just set up the app on auto-pilot mode, go do your other businesses and come back to find your money all gone.

Who is the CEO Scott Hathaway

David Hathaway

In reality the image they used for David is just an actors image that they bought or stole from ShutterStock

Image Above Taken from BinaryOptionsArmy.com‘s Duabi App Review

Is Dubai Lifestyle App a scam??

Yes Dubai Lifestyle App is a scam and this is why:

Dubai Lifestyle App Results and Profits

The actor in the video falsely claims about the abilities of the application. He says that it has accuracy of up to 99.8%. One can make up to $1000 in an hour. This is untrue.  The efficiency is unattainable. The application was made by programmers who use coding in writing the algorithms to the application making it prone to inaccuracies. Even the top traders in the world don’t get near this accuracy.

Fake Dubai Lifestyle Application testimonials

False testimonials. In the video there is a lady who says that there have been scam binary option trading applications to justify his scandalous application. He goes further and brings testimonials from fake clients who most probably were hired to sell the fake legitimacy of the application. The lady goes ahead and says she lost a lot of money with others but not Dubai Lifestyle Application System. The guy we see in the image below is also a fiverr actor that we have seen in alot of other Binary Options Scam Autotraders lately.


Partners provided at the bottom of the website cannot be linked back to. This is definitely because the website never even partnered with them but just downloaded and patched their pictures there to be seen as legitimate and be accepted. Don’t fall for this scam for or else you will lose your hard earned money for this is an investment that is there today but tomorrow gone, gone with your money.

Checking from the online domain checker who.is, the website of this application was registered on 6th July, 2016. From this information you learn that the duration taken to materialize the application was falsified for from the mentioned time above up to now is barely 6 months.

Fake time counter. Opening the website a timer starts counting from 10, informing you that you only have 10 minutes to register or the offer will expire. Don’t be convinced by this fake time counter, wait till the time expires and it stops but everything remains as it was like just like when you opened the website. These are just pushy sales tactics.

Dubai Lifestyle App Review

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Conclusion on Dubai Lifestyle App Review

With the end of our review we declare Dubai Lifestyle App a scam with full of lies about being rich and having financial freedom. This crazy App is unreliable and we totally discredit its value as claimed by the actor. Stay away from it and be safe. Just like recent reviews on The Centument Project & Bitcoin Money Machine this is just another scam you need to avoid.

hopefully you have seen our warning on these scammers in time and not been caught out. As always feel free to SHARE this review to help save anyone else getting caught out by the con artists. Whenever we find something that really makes money we always add it to our Trusted System List so keep an eye on it. It is very very hard to make our trusted list though so it will always be very small..