100% Honest Dream Catcher Review

Dream Catcher Website: dream-catcher.co

Dream Catcher auto trading software allegedly developed by Mathew Warner is the next big binary options scam. Interestingly, note how this website and the presentation video follow the paths of similar other scams ever developed. It uses a staged performance from a luxurious yacht to lame simplifications of how the software will send you off to an early retirement with “guaranteed” lifetime earnings.  That’s why you are always advised to thoroughly research various websites sites before subscribing to any of their features. For this reason, before being lured to sign in and add to the statistics of persons worldwide losing to Mathew Warner’s scam, read this Dream catcher review of its software as well as its developers.

Detailed Dream catcher Review Reveals The Truth

Mathew Warner promises a daily earning of no less than $4,250, 17 minutes after subscribing to his service and for the rest of your life plus a bluffly misconception that you will never have to work again. He doesn’t even refer to the software as a trading tool but claims you will start earning immediately after filling out a “3-minute survey at the end of the video.”

Nowhere does the alleged software developer inform the subscribers of any obligations on their part. He states that the app is “100% free” to download and use. The only loose explanation of what is required to trade comes about in his fake demo of the software functions where he mentions that he likes to keep a float of not less than $300 in his account. But he doesn’t explicitly talk about the amount of money you are required to deposit to achieve the ostensibly high returns. Warner claims all you need is to download the software and set to auto trading to start earning.

Mathew Warner is fronted as the CEO of the Dream Cather


A quick search on the web about Mathew Warner, the alleged former Wall Street professional and developer of the dream catcher trading software reveals shocking details. It has multiple non-professional images of persons with the same name laying claim to the software development. These two, one from the software website and the other picked up from Pinterest, should convince you that these are just armature actors. This is the first clear indicator of this scam.

Dream catcher Results & Profits

If you follow keenly on money matters and online trading, you will note that no single person can accurately predict future change contingent trends. So what does that tell you when the dream catcher software promises a 100% win? In fact, the closest some of the most ingenious and experienced wall street traders have ever got to predicting outcomes was 80% accuracy.

Additionally, the website gives no explanation of the algorithm background it uses to turn around these profits. The presenter boldly says that you don’t need to know how it works. Probably because there is no algorithm but just a manipulative software that uses the power if numbers to lure in more victims.

Dream catcher promises a life of abundance for just taking part in a survey that is easier than opening an email. In the narrator’s words, you only need to watch the video to the end and expect cash gift, download the software or app, install it on PC or mobile device, then set it to auto trade and you are ready to go. No monetary or time commitment and you can check in the following morning to collect your $4,250. Everything in such a statement smells fraud and only seeks to lure you into the trap.

Fake Dream catcher Testimonials

Another warning sign as to the unoriginality of this site lies in the names and testimonies of the reviewers. For instance these two, Mark Gooner and Megan Foster, have an exactly worded statement. Plus a quick search on Google doesn’t link the names to the images presented. This means that they are probably stolen pictures and fake testimonies.



Is Dream Catcher a Scam??

Yes, Mathew Warner’s Dream catcher software is a fraud and this is further evidenced by all the facts outlined in this article. If Mathew Warner’s dream catcher system doesn’t require investments as they would like everybody to believe or offers an ROI of above $4,000 for less than $300 investment, why not open up hundreds of dummy accounts and make money for themselves? Additionally, does the dream catcher website look like a $1.2 million dollar investment to you, especially its sheer lack of credulity based on the fact that it doesn’t even mention the name of the company or physical address?

Conclusion on Dream catcher Software Review

Mathew Warner’s dream catcher employs all the tactics of any other scam. They all start with beautiful presentation backgrounds to promises of unimaginable profits without real input and inviting scripted reviews.  Dream catcher software developers are just another group of crooked cons taking advantage of the amateur Forex Trade enthusiasts and robbing them.

Advice: Steer well clear of the Dream catcher Scam.

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