100% Honest Cash Formula Review

Cash Formula Website: cashformula.com

Cash Formula software is a new and very viral auto trading system also going with the name CF Files. The guy with the concept is known as Tim Stafford. This is the time he is coming out publicly to help people make lots of money. According to Tim Stafford, this system was developed by the crème de la crème of traders and they were using it daily to make big bucks. So Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula System was started secretly but after it leaked out last year, Tim took matters into his own hands. The software was given to him by anonymous mentor.

Detailed Cash Formula Review Reveals The Truth

Tim Stafford and his team promise sweet goodies to one and all. The only investment is your $250 and off you go to the land of plenty where you will make $20,000 every day. The accuracy ratio goes higher the more you trade.

Who is Tim Stafford?

Tim or whoever he is, is the co-founder of CashFormula.Com. He also claims to be a wealthy millionaire who made his way via automated trading systems. He was given the Cash Formula by a mentor a few years ago. He had given him the keys to a secret kingdom that a cartel wanted to keep to itself. The files had enabled the cartel to take advantage of the market’s conditions before everyone could know what was going. So they made alot of money for themselves. So Tim for the past five years has been an underground Good Samaritan helping ordinary people amass wealth as they discovered how to make billions. Well so go ahead and Google his name and walla, nothing comes up. Like most scams, a nice, well groomed guy pops up talking milk and honey but they are just actors who have been hired to do their job to convince people to give away their hard earned money.

Cash Formula Scam

Is Cash Formula a Scam??

Yes Cash Formula is a scam and here is why. First of all you are told that you can make $20,000 in 24 hours. This is something unrealistic. You cannot achieve this with a mere amount of $250. The guys making this kind of amount invest more and more. Their investment is in the league of thousands so if Tim has been helping ordinary people making billions then these ordinary people are not the common man on earth because they have loads of money to invest.

Cash Formula Results & Profits

The software allegedly has an accuracy ratio of 78% and this ratio is dynamic meaning the more you trade, the higher your chances of winning nearing perfection. No one has seen how the software performs and therefore these claims cannot be termed as valid. The weirdest part is when we are told that the software can make you $20,000 richer in just 24 hours. So the question is, if the accuracy rates are so high up the scale, shouldn’t it earn you more than $20,000. I mean perfection has to be perfect.

Cash Formula Scam

Still everybody now knows that there is no such thing as perfect accuracy when it comes to trading. That is just a lie to get you signing up to give your money away to scammers. Any state about great figures is just to fool the readers that come across the video.

So how does the software work? Well the owners say that it follows money waves. In other words the software tracks the highs and lows of the financial market all over the world. It seeks out rising markets and exploits them before moving to the next one. The makers –of this system say that its calculations are next to perfect hence the ability to compound profits. This however cannot be guaranteed since the software is fresh out of the kitchen and cannot be relied upon.

Fake Cash Formula Testimonials

The testimonials on the site are not true. Why? Well first of all if the Tim is a fictitious character then he has to have a fictitious supporting cast. Next, the figures given when it comes to daily profits is absurd. Now the people who have been making lots of money thanks to Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula system are not traceable anywhere online. Even lottery winners get published on newspapers or online so these guys should be going viral due to their financial breakthrough. But their existence is just limited to Stafford’s sites.

Conclusion on Cash Formula Review

Fake co-founder, fake testimonials, fake profits the end result is a right out scam. Cash Formula has nothing to do with helping you but has everything to do with scammers helping themselves. So the verdict of the Cash Formula review is that it is a total scam. In the end this is just another scam just like Dubai Lifestyle App, Insured Trading and Centument Project which we recently reviewed.

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