100% Honest Bot Plus 365 V2 Review

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Bot Plus 365 v2 is a new and very viral auto-trading application that is massively used by scammers. The scammers have tried to put together their resources and tried their best to translate it into various languages in order to reach a wider audience. Why do they want to reach a wider audience? They want to steal as much as they can from you with the Bot Plus 365 v2 system scam. Don’t dare even download the application for it will only make you lose the money you are supposed to earn.

Detailed Bot Plus 365 Review Reveals the Truth

Bot Plus 365 offers and promises so many goodies in return for signing up. They falsely guarantee that if you download their software you will reap big. They promise the following:

This is the tool used by the 1% wealthy of the world. Here he is captivating you to take grasp of the application which is used by the greatest in the pyramid. Be sure to be a part of the 1% by downloading the application and using it.

Viewers of the video are told that the whole Bot Plus 365 v2 system is based on real-world-logic and carefully engineered by a software engineer from Japan named Hiro Hakomoto. He is convincing you that the software is the best in auto-trading business and can’t easily be beaten by any other safe software. You are guaranteed success by using the software.

Viewers are promised a $100 for every $25 winning investment. Because the software is efficient and coded by the best always expect winning investments. He is promising a win all the time. He further says that you will be making $1000 daily upwards.

There are testimonials in the video footage talking of how they have benefitted from the application. They don’t want you to be left out, they are vigorously asking you to join them in the bandwagon and make a risk free money all-day every day.

The actor says that you will get the secret for free so don’t bother on putting any money on the magic software. In short he will make you rich freely via the Bot Plus 365 v2 system.

Who is the CEO Jay Ros?

Bot Plus 365

Is Bot Plus 365 v2 a Scam?

Yes, Bot Plus 365 v2 is a Scam and this is why:

Bot Plus 365 v2 Results and Profits

Jay Ros is trying his best to give proof with cooked figures that the software really generates profits. He says that a $25 investment will bring you back $100. This is untrue. The average return rates in binary trading are around 75%-80%. Bot Plus 365 v2 can’t be the exception and make such an abnormal profit.

The actor claims that the software has 98% accuracy. This is a big lie about a programme. In addition it is impossible to maintain the consistency of the false profits.

Fake Bot Plus 365 v2 Results and Profits Testimonials

The video footage contains false testimonials; they are mere actors who have just been hired to falsely highly talk about the Bot Plus 365 v2 System Scam. They talk of how they have benefitted from the application and thank Joy Ros. If you look closely at the first lady in the footage you will notice that she was just cut and pasted on a background of the office. That is enough proof that they are trying their best to convince you of their good background and legitimacy.

Bot Plus 365

Also check out the image below from Binary Options Spot and Prestige Binary Options Exposing the other fiverr actors they used in their testimonials

Fiverr Actor number 1

Fiverr Actor number 2

At the start of the footage Jay Ros asks the viewer to pay attention and watch the video at the moment because the next time it would have been pulled down by some powerful wealthy people. If the system is legitimate he should not be afraid that it would be pulled down. This is enough proof that he may be discovered soon and pulled down because it is not a genuine application but a scam.

Bot Plus 365 V2

The image below exposing this testimonial as a fake stock image was taken from Binary Options Elite Club‘s Review

The site provides no contact information about the organisation. This is one way of cyber criminals to get away with their crime unnoticed and remain untraceable.

Conclusion on Bot Plus 365 v2 System Review

Bot Plus 365 v2 System is a money making scheme meant to siphon your legitimately earned money into the pockets of scammers. Stay away from the software infact the software for other versions of the application were released earlier no matter in what language you watch the footage, don’t be convinced to trade with it. The site is bogus and we officially discredit it. Avoid the 365 Bot just like I also warned you to avoid The Centument Project 2 and the Dubai Lifestyle App

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