Lame Scam Busted!! Binary Profit System review exposes Steve Nichols Poisonous Scam

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Read out review and please avoid depositing any money with this highly touted and viral binary trading scam awkwardly named Binary Profit System. In my review of this pathetic trading app I have uncovered undeniable and undisputable evidence to confirm that Binary profits system and Auto trader is a money stealing scheme

Introduction to the Binary Profit System Scam

Steve Nichols the scammer behind Binary Profits has crafted a pretty amazing website that exhibits plenty of parallax design and pretty graphics but on watching his presentation I have to say it repeats the same rubbish we hear from every other dirty scam that has launched recently. Steve Nichols blatantly claims that if you are in search of a fast way to get rich quick and transform your life, then his sour binary profits system is the magical pill. Unfortunately, in my investigation of this poor trading software I found nothing but blatant lies, unfounded claims and statements, and features that reveal binary profits is a shady scam

Results From Our Binary Profit System Review

Take the identity of this loser founder and millionaire for example. Although he claims to have several years trading in binary options, no one knows about him. Secondly when  I tried to search more information about him on the internet I could not  trace any details let alone his twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. I have to say the whole Binary profits production and marketing was done purposely to lure newbies or people who have never heard about binary trading in an effort to scam them and that’s why the owner and the founder remains anonymous

Now to take a look at the Binary Profit System testimonials which are all completely fake. If you take a look at the floating heads with the testimonial under the main video they are all fake and just stock images stolen from other sites. If you do a search on these images you will see what I mean. Kate for example claims that Binary Profits system and Auto trader has an amazing support which in reality is nonexistent. As for the video testimonials in the main sales video they are all just cheap actors. With fiverr you can pay people $5 and they will give you a video testimonial saying anything you want. Check out the screenshot below.


Now looking at the live results that they are showing, again these are all fake and made up. Check out the screenshot I took from their site where you can see them claiming to have winning trades on a Saturday when the markets are 100% closed which means this is complete BS.

Binary Profit System Review

Claims by Nichols that you can make mind boggling figure of $224,786 in just 90 days is untrue and just BS meant to make you salivate. I have been in this industry for long enough to know that such colossal figures are unfeasible and unattainable even with the most sophisticated trading software. The market is prone to risks and seasoned traders warn new traders to exercise caution when trading. Secondly his assertions that his software achieves over 90 % success ratio guaranteed is pure fiction from this scam peddler. Although this charlatan looks at home peddling pipe dreams, he does not care for one moment to show us how his system works or spits such impressive results. I don’t why Nichol seems obsessed with how his system can bring “good things” but avoids mentioning such important questions

As for the social media media feed this again is complete fraud, if you try and click on any of the posts in the feed it doesn’t work and if you also do a search on twitter for the handle @binaryprofitsystem you will see it doesn’t exist. The pressure tactics employed by binary profits are pretty obvious. Claims that only one spot is left is false. If you try to refresh your browser you will still find the same message and if you sign up thinking that this one spot will be gone, then think again. The same spot will be available tomorrow and any other day as long as this website continues to exist

Binary Profit System Scam Conclusion

Binary profits is a nasty scam of grand proportions hell-bent on stealing money from unsuspecting day traders. Be wary of such systems since they seem to crop up on the internet on a daily basis. If you don’t want to lose your hard earned money please refrain from signing up or depositing any money with Binary profit system trading app at all costs

Verdict: Binary Profit System by Steve Nichols is a notorious scam

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