Scam Alert: Bank Tracker Bot Review exposes the Autotrader by Michael George as a shameful scam

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Michael George, the loser CEO behind the Bank Tracker App scam also dubbed as BTB binary app is a cheaply paid actor who got hired by the people behind this awful trading app to persuade unsuspecting new day traders that they`ll earn $3400 in just 60 seconds. In this Bank Tracker App review I will be exposing all the lies and the pathetic promises that are being spit out by Michael in his introductory video and all over the Bank Tracker website

Introduction to the Bank Tracker Bot

On visiting the official webpage of Bank Tracker software, I was not shocked to see the whole presentation by the alleged owner Mr. Michael George infested with misleading claims, fancy mansions, pretty woman, expensive cars-all hallmarks of a scam. Taking a familiar narrative, George tell us that his life changed for the better after meeting a guy named Steve who had allegedly invented a piece of shit software that could exploit banking systems to monitor profitable trades with over 97% accuracy. He claims that this software was so efficient that it could do this on complete auto pilot and without having to read financial statements or analyze charts! Whoa!! His pathetic storyline continues that for today only he is giving this crap software to a few people free of charge in an effort to transform their lives. This line sounds familiar, Doesn’t it?

Results From Our Bank Tracker Bot Review

After listening and going through his pathetic presentation that could send an entire classroom to sleep I found several things that I need to point out in my review. First things first. Let’s talk about this loser millionaire guy, George Michael. Despite all what he says, he remains a hired actor whose role was to execute this shabby presentation. No one knows about him in the binary trading marketplace and there are no details about him anywhere on the internet.

Bank Tracker Bot Review

This part below made me laugh as well, why do we care if he has an imaginary 25-year-old wife. If this is true then his acting must really pay him a lot J

Bank Tracker Bot Review

Now lets take a look at the Testimonials. First of all the big Facebook and twitter newsfeed that we presented with is all fake. You can’t click on any of the links and if you do a search on either of the social media platforms you won’t be able to find either of these profiles.

Bank Tracker Bot Fake Testimonials

Next on the results or testimonials is all the fake members you see in the screenshot below. As you can see from my screenshot every one of them are fake and all are stolen images. We have seen this in a lot of similar scams and it is always a sure sign that you need to avoid that company. If they were really producing the results that Michael is claiming do you think they would really need to us made up testimonials with fake stock images they randomly found online?

Bank Tracker Bot Review

Another big issue I have pertains to his wild and misleading claim that you don’t need any experience or knowledge with the Bank Tracker Bot to make money. Let me warn you this is a clever ploy to make you believe that theirs is a reliable service that can generate money for you but sadly it’s not and all that will happen is that you will lose what.

On top of that the bogus claim that you can make $3400 in just 60 upon funding your account with a piece of junk app whose ITM ratio is given is 98.7% is not just malicious but outright lie. If you are familiar with binary trading you should be aware that achieving such an ITM ratio let alone making such outrageous money is unheard of and unfeasible. Even the top traders in the world don’t hit anywhere near that number. 80%+ with Binary options is considered an extremely good ITM rate so 98.7% is just crazy stupid.

Bank Tracker Bot Review Conclusion

I have to say this whole system by George Michael is a poorly constructed service that brings nothing to the table. Filled with nothing but hired actors, misleading claims and statements, bank tracker bot is a useless piece of junk software that will not make any money for you. The tracker bot software is stuffed with fabricated results, fake live trades and stolen images which is a sure pattern that most of the scams follow. You are better of investing your hard earned money elsewhere.

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Verdict: Our Bank Tracker Bot Review concludes this is a big fraud that you should run a mile from

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