100% Honest Automata Formula Review

Automata Formula Website: automataformula.co

As well as been the latest and greatest viral auto trading software the Automata Formula software is a huge scam that was released last month and is already spreading far and wide in the Binary Trading industry. However, this is not a genuine software at all. It is a rogue scheme by a renowned scammer who keeps changing his identity and tricks with his well-orchestrated plans to fraud innocent traders like any of you reading this review.

Detailed Automata Formula Review Reveals The Truth

After coming out with the Orion Code and getting busted by our site along with many other reviews, George Coleman is back with yet another trick, this time round promising us heaven on earth. What will make you suspect the legibility of his new software is how he first brags about how he turned down the millions of dollars he was offered to keep it from public awareness, and his request that you should keep it to yourself. How are you supposed to keep anything legit a secret? Again, any experienced banker knows that there is nothing like legal loopholes when it comes to matters money.

Away from his “secret opportunity”, the alleged owner of Automata Formula goes forth to give you all sorts of promises of the good life, financial independence and luxury that accrue to the use of his software. He even rebukes the “wealthy Gurus” out there, whom he claims scam you with lies about their powerful software and how they can work wonders for you, adding that he knows how it feels to be scammed. What a liar we have here. He even dares them to hate him for your sake, claiming to be very different from all of them. However, Coleman quickly moves to tell us about his previous miserable life rather than telling us how his software works.

The other thing that this man uncovers himself with is his claim that he has been running this software for two years while its domain shows that its registration was on September this year (2016). This shows how untrustworthy this man is, besides fabricating lies about how he made millions of dollars from this system and from binary trading in one year, which sounds suspicious.

Who is George Coleman??

automata formula review

George Coleman is the alleged founder and CEO of Automata Formula. He is familiar to us from a number of previous scams, which he orchestrated to scam new and unsuspecting Binary Trading investors like the Orion Code and also the Amissio Formula. He has been masking his identity by switching from one name to the other, only that he couldn’t change his face, making it even easier to trace and identify him.

Automata Formula Results & Profits

The Automata Formula scam has a dominant feature whereby in the promo video, these schemers keep teasing you with financial details of the money they have made with the said software. Upon scrutiny, you will notice the amount reflected on these statements is unrealistic, and this adds to the claim that this is the most powerful of all software in the Binary Trading options market. His promise of making $950 per hour sounds unrealistic, no matter the power and uniqueness his alleged software (which is non-existent anyway) may have.

automata formula results

Fake Automata Formula Testimonials

The testimonials in this scam are all fake, you can tell it from the look of the guys giving the testimonials themselves. Digging deeper, we found out that Coleman hired a Fiverr.com actor to lie to innocent views about how this software has changed his life. The irony comes in when you have an actor who will earn mere $5 brags about how he has become stinking rich all of a sudden. Hilarious, isn’t it? These fabricated lies, together with the large amount of money promised on the offing are enough to give you a red signal that this is a bogus scammer and not an inventor of whatever software he claims to own.


Is Automata Formula a Scam??

Yes, Automata Formula is definitely a scam. These people’s efforts to sugarcoat the reality are bearing no fruit. If you are careful enough, or know how these scammers play their tricks around, you will easily identify the lies herein and discover that there is nothing other than mere lies and overstatements, this is a scam.

Conclusion on Automata Review

You have seen the scheme behind this scam and by now we can agree without a doubt that this is a scam. You should stay away from this snare as long as you want to ensure safety of your money. As Mr. Coleman himself puts it, if you have been scammed, you know better. If you have not fallen prey yet, the time to be careful is now, avoid this scam.

Our Advice: Run a mile from the crazy Automata Formula Scam

THere really are alot of scams out there in the industry and at ConfirmedScams we are here to expose them all. If you have been scammed then please let us know so we can expose the scammers that caught you. From time to time we do find real money making opportunities and any that we will will be added to our Trusted System List.