100% Honest Aurum Corp Tech Review

Aurum Corp Website: aurumcorp.tech

Aurum Tech is the latest bombshell to be dropped by scammers in the lucrative binary options market. Many of our readers have sent us emails questioning the authenticity of the software. Well we decided to check out the video for ourselves and shock on us. It is actually a scam, why did we expect anything different? There were plenty of red flags that clearly pointed the likelihood of this software being a fraud . So we advice that before you are brainwashed by the video itself or other bloggers who have been paid to give fake reviews, you better read this factual piece.

Detailed Aurum Tech Corp Review Reveals The Truth

The Aurum Corp system was alleged created carefully so that it can help people make money in binary options trading. The system is based upon Aurum Tech software which the owners say can be accessed by anyone regardless of their level of experience when it comes to trading or using computers.

This system supposedly uses special signals to trade for individuals. You do not need to flip or click any button. The software does all the hard work while you are busy with other things. If this software is as good as it is said to be then we should definitely meet the person behind all this.

The Aurum Corp scam is owned by one Marco Shoemaker. Do not confuse this with the Formula one champ from Germany. We did a background check on Mr Shoemaker and he could not be found. He does not have any social media account and he does not even pop up on the biggest search engine, Google. For a millionaire who is about to bring a financial revolution it is very strange.

We could not trace Marco because he is a fictitious character created by scammers to rip off their unsuspecting victims. You see the guy playing the role of Marco is a hired actor who earns a living by telling lies. We can confidently say this because the guy is also the same one in the Push Money App video presentation. So you see for this guy it is not a matter of ethics and morality, he has to put food on the table and for him the means justifies the end even if it means you losing your money.

Who is Marco Shoemaker??


As we mentioned before there is no one on this entire planet named Marco Shoemaker who is known as a trading guru. The man you see is an actor who has been paid to tell lies and convince you to throw away your money. Yes you will be throwing away your money the moment you sign up with Aurum Corp system.

Aurum Corp Results & Profits

On their homepage, Marco and his friends state that their strike rate is 95%. This is what should let you know that they are scammers because it is impossible to have such a success rate even in auto trading. They also add that with them you trade with ultimate precision but trading experts know that the market is a jungle of bulls and bears that can tear each other apart. No one can tell what is coming next.


Fake Aurum Corp Testimonials

We are so saddened by the fact that every person you see in the Aurum Corp presentation video is either an actor or a stock image. Marco is an actor so is the lady beside him in the aeroplane. The other testimonials are stock images retrieved from the internet. So the question is if everyone and everything is fake, is the Aurum software even a real thing?


Is Aurum Corp a Scam??

Yes Aurum Corp is a scam and it’s a scam for all the reasons we have outlined above. Marco and his scammer friends have nothing to offer but lies. The Push Money App was a scam they developed and because scammers are always greedy they also came up with Aurum Corp for the same reason; to scam you.

Conclusion on Aurum Corp Review

Scammers make every dream come true from the way the talk and the visuals they use. It is no different with what Marco and his team are trying to achieve with Aurum Corp. It is possible to make money trading but not with the kind of information they are giving. It would be safer for you to not mix yourselves with them or you will have no one else to blame.

Advice: Save your money and avoid the Aurum Tech Scam

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